Buying youtube views - is it possible


Would Youtube allow one to buy views. There was criticism that Kenyan Musician Octopizzo had bought views and guys believed. Would google allow this. How do guys beat the system?


Believe means it’s something that might have been a false accusation but that is the truth. There is no way that you can have millions of views and not end up on the Trending list. Even DJ Shitty with a few thousands was trending higher than Octopizzo.

Yes you can buy by advertising on YouTube. Otherwise if you’re doing it for Adsense and you source your traffic from some other sources Google will strike you with invalid traffic.


Yes there are ways to manipulate Youtube views and subscriber counts. Between bots, click farms and pop-under videos you too can have as many views as the mediocre local rapper that you mentioned above. The problem is that in the end the numbers never add up as in the case of our local rapper.

The article below explains this better than I ever could.


Wow!! Thanks man… Let me peep it


Thanks! Google should look of a way of giving us legit situations…


Eish! uko na hewa mob hadi umeshoot msee yaani hata unajidai huezi mention his name. WOW


Not just youtube but almost all social media. Instagram, Pinterest, SoundCloud, Facebook likes etc. It’s very possible to go from zero to hero but the problem is the provider might catch on and ban your account.


Legit? You mean something like a video that plays before another video? Then they can charge around $5 for every 1,000 views.

Trolling aside.

That is exactly what YouTube ads are meant for. It might not seem like it since most ads are product/service advertisements but you can advertise anything (A DIY video, music video, animals being bros, a meme etc).