Buying Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency in Kenya


One thing I Know about Kenyans is they are very liquid, this is because they rarely invest,and lie in wait of a good deal,and quick cash,but guys are really making money out of this Bitcoin so let them be.


I dont know if I am the only one following cryptocurrencies from afar off. I came across this interesting story here I have come to a conclusion that if you really want to trade something just open a CDS account and gamble with one of the big corporations for some years. Buy Equity shares for example now that they are eyeing the Oil market and wait four years then go get your money with profit. Or juggle around with other firms once in a while. And while on this topic who knows how far the CDSC has gone with pushing technology that lures Kenyan joes to invest in the stock market?


In November, a Business Insider investigation discovered that “pump and dump” scams — where investor groups artificially inflate cryptocurrency values by orchestrating mass purchases of coins — were “rife” on the US exchange Bittrex. Similarly, Bitfinex, the biggest exchange by daily volume, acknowledged market manipulation on its platform in August, when it revealed that it had detected several accounts engaging in “large-scale manipulation tactics” relating to the Bitcoin Cash currency.