But Why are These Networkings Making it Easy for Safaricom to Dominate?


I happen to have two lines for internet. One for Orange and the other for Airtel. Now the problem is, both Airtel and Orange the internet can get sh!tty at times. I mean, today morning Orange internet signal goes out of service. Since I’m the middle of some discussion with a client abroad, I swap the router with an Airtel line and Lawd Lawd Lawd. The connection is so slow and intermittent. Then I remember, the bundle gobbler is waiting for me. Purchased a GB just to finish the conversation. 3 hours later Orange internet is back and Airtel is still slow. Hakuna mtu anajua tu insider safaricom haki tuletewe fiber mtaani?


The kind of problem we ‘digital natives’ don’t want to deal with, so we pay a premium to be in an estate with at least one cabled internet provider. I was here sometime last year, got tired of waiting and moved. A move that cost me 10k more in monthly rent, but I don’t think I can go back for the savings.


That is why I’m planning to move at the end of the year GOD willing. If there shall be no change then, I will have no option. Just waiting for the elections to come to pass. As of now I’m on house hunting.


Tell me about it,The rents we pay are way up but its the price of living the way we want,Plus most estates with at least one cable internet provider have better overall services,like water,electricity,transport,security e.t.c.


Well alternatively you could move to a lower congested area. Been living in Rongai since I was like 8, automatically making me a native. I moved last year about 2 kilometres away from Rongai Town and that was the end of the network congestion problems i had been experiencing on both Saf and Airtel when I was in a flat deep in the heart of Rongai.
I’m on the Airtel postpaid unlimited package and used to get around 2mbps-3mbps, maximum 4mbps, sometimes my connection wasnt even going through at all especially in the evenings between 5-10pm… Used to complain to them on Twitter, they’d raise the issue, make a follow up a short while after, fix the problem temporarily then after some 3 or so weeks of internet in heaven, hell would all over a sudden come to haunt me. Sometime last year I moved to Fedha estate Embakasi and it was a nightmare, I could get a 3G signal in the apartment but no calls or internet connection would go through, unless i went to the balcony :smiley:., only Saf and Orange could manage.
Moved back to Rongai late last year but some 2kms away from the main hub of the town and it has paid off…, my speeds are between 10-20 mbps, the signal is strong :signal_strength: , i only have to worry bout general network downtimes, which rarely happen, and my rent is cheaper too in a rather quiet environment :slightly_smiling_face:.
My bro @Lukirdem still lives deep in the heart of Ronga and he also has the same Airtel Unlimited package, when i send him screenshots of my speedtests or when he comes over he wants to choke me :smiley:
It’s still just about compromise, just as @martingicheru compromised the additional 10k i compromised that additional 2kms which meant an extra 30 bob on top of the mostly 100bob fare from the CBD to Rongai and vice versa




Lol @martingicheru but thinking of how Nairobi is growing rapidly, outskirts is becoming attractive.





Damn! That’s rough! But you ain’t lie.


I stay in Kariobangi South and the slow internet speeds was not there until from one week ago. Orange is always fast until the network goes mteja. They called me yesterday and confirmed that there was a network outage. But I’m planning to move after the elections. Asked Safaricom about area coverage for their fiber and they told me they are putting that website up and it should be up and running anytime soon. Funny thing, they told me their fiber has covered over 2000 estates in Nairobi. 2000 estates? You mean Nairobi has over 2000 estates? and WTF have you not covered our area among the 2000 estates? Anyway, let me keep waiting and see how it goes.


Lol. 2000? I think they meant 2000 apartments/houses. That I can believe.


Same here, Safaricom Fiber is not so far from where I stay and I even made an enquiry with them about the same, that send sms to 444 and they call you back ASAP, but they said that I cannot be connected because I live in a flat…really


Hahaha afathali wewe Zuku told me (alongside other estate members) live in City Council houses so the cannot invest in FTTH in our area. I mean Kanjo houses are associated with low rent payments, which translates to below than average household income for residents. Nikawaambia, kujeni parking ndiyo mtajua watu wanaishi kwa nyumba za Kanjo juu ya low rent, yes, but pesa si shida. In fact, those Kanjo houses are few most are privately owned apartments.


Reminds me of the report that a consultant was paid to survey the viability of Garden City location and they gave them a satellite view of things. Literally. Hired a helicopter and counted satellite dishes in the area as justification.


I remember reading that from Business Daily. That statement was hilarious. I guess I’m among the middle-class but my dish mimi niliacha kulipa :joy::joy::joy:


I don’t know why I can’t get enough of this thing :joy::joy::joy:


That logic for Kanjo houses is true. I know someone earning close to 500K a month but rent is 5K-10K. Total house expenses for 2 people - power, food, net etc - is 50K and they work from home mostly. With Uber costing about 1K a week

Service providers should stop that nonsense of ‘low income area’. Didn’t they learn anything from the mistakes of Barclays & Stanchart when they dropped some towns because ’ there was no money there’ only to come back and try fight equity for customers?

Zuku thinks Syokimau - one of the recognized middle class areas - is not worth investing in FTTH (Only do it if your estate has more than 50 houses). The estate I was visiting has close to 20 houses that residents have bought. Range rovers, private schooled kids, well travelled people etc and they think 3500 a month people can’t afford? Safcon FTTH has come and stolen their biashara and I’m not even sympathetic.


Zuku will die a slow and painful death. In the next 3 years the company will not exist.