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yap it’s the one., was even to quit until their 4G came along. Now I have little to complain about, only the evening rush hour network hitches that can sometimes happen from around 7-10, but most of the time it’s all good
My issue with them is just coverage maze, vile tu @Pascal anasema coz no matter how much am anti-safaricom hehe their coverage is the best. This is why after all is said n done, no matter how much I reduce my Safaricom usage i can’t find myself throwing away the line coz it’s that one line that I can always count on. Like another guy said here on the forums, one has to wonder what is it that Safcom has that these other telcos cannot get to keep their networks at par with Saf in terms of quality


If you have good money Safaricom is always the best option in speed. On mobile their speeds are unprecedented. Faiba is trying but I am afraid with everyone buying a Faiba mi-fi and the fact that Faiba doesn’t have the strength of infrastructure this is going to be short-lived. If you live in a remote area - where Zuku Faiba and Safcom Faiba are hard to come by - Saf Tunukiwa may save you some headeache because with 100 bob you have unlimited downloads for 3 hrs (capped at 100 Gb i think) and this means with their insane spead you can download a whole lot of movies.


It is ironic how Airtel call themselves the smartphone network.


So far, Faiba has impressed me beyond expectations. They might not be fast or faster than Safaricom but they’re very reliable than Telkom and Airtel combined. Right now, all Faiba needs to do is concentrate on penetrating urban regions. Safaricom wanaeza baki na mashinani.

I’m very optimistic that they’ll do it. I haven’t experienced any total internet outage for more than a minute on Faiba. In fact, it has happened like twice since I switched networks. You can imagine the relief I got from complaining everyday on Telkom twitter account. Sometimes, especially when it rains, Telkom internet would go off for hours. There is a day they had an outage for a whole weekend.

Airtel yet to pick up a 4G signal in my area. So that means Both Telkom and Airtel coverage of 4G has a long way to go. The other day Faiba included Nyeri on the list. Someone mentioned here that they have picked a signal in Kisii. I strongly believe it won’t be short lived.

On the other hand, Safaricom is excellent in everything but the pricing. I only use Safaricom on the go.


Just did a speedtest using the Saf unlimited 4G moments ago after getting airtel problems

Ping on Safaricom is on it’s own level of awesome


Safaricom are good at what they do :smile:.

ati sasa 5g itakua na ping ya 1ms… allegedly :joy::joy:


Faiba has been a blessing, this I have not bought safaricom bundles, I have been redeeming bonga points when I am out of faiba coverage, even for work I have not found faiba to be any bad, I get many WhatsApp calls and it has been nice receiving them or video calls without that annoying YOUR BUNDLE IS BELOW 2MB, saf is now a backup it’s nice to know there is a reliable ISP should all the rest suck.


has anyone been able to use the @2/- tariff lately ? cannot access the internet when subscribed to this tariff.


I tried it and it keeps disconnecting for some reason.


asanda, glad to know the issue is not on my end. could be they’re tring to phase it out, bad show if so.


A very reliable source told me they tried to lower the price but since they have minimal experience in doing so, they botched it. :wink:


This tariff isn’t there for me, option 12 has power hour bundle of 150mb for an hour.