Browse @2/- Data Tariff



Seems it was discontinued.


It’s at *142#


It’s no longer available on the USSD menus you have to use it’s dedicated menu


The *142# goes through but I get a text that my request failed. Also tried through the Web, indicates successful but a text later follows that “request failed”.


guys, why do you need to use this tariff when there is unlimited 4g for 3hrs? in three hours you will have used 360 as compared to 100 for unlimited option :thinking:


You need to have expended all existing bundles first before subscribing to Browse @ 2 / min.


This was unknown to me… but the Tunukiwa Unlimited 4G has rendered this 2 bob tariff useless…


That’s weird. Mine still works and I don’t get a request failed text.

This tunukiwa is a promotional offer and this tariff has been there for years. Plus I can’t subscribe to tunukiwa reliably, for example right now the unlimited 4g for 3 hours is missing on my tunukiwa yet I know it will reappear at some point.


Used this 2 bob tariff sometime in Dec, at some point the connection started switching itself from LTE to 3G alafu nothing goes through, no uploads or downloads. It was cumbersome kwanza downloading torrents i gave up


Unfortunately, that is how it is. It will tell you request failed but you already subscribed.


Try 4G unlimited at 100


Tunukiwa is a “moody” offer. When it’s started, sometimes you could be able to find the 4G unlimited, sometimes you don’t. Of late, it’s become a constant, it’s the 2Gb data for 12 hours that’s elusive.


nah lemme stick to Airtel and Faiba they do me good. Every time i buy Saf bundles I end up spending more n getting little out of it.
Like sasa this Unlimited for 3 hours at 100 bob; Looking at it hypothetically, if i was to use this offer continuously during the day assuming it was a permanent offer; for one day that’s 800 bob, translating to 24k per month.
If i were to use it strictly for 3 hours a day that would be 3k for the month, plus another let’s say 2k on top for 7.5GB Saf bundles that i would be using to get online all those other remaining 21 hours of the day every day. That’s 5k total. 3 hours a day of unlimited internet probably won’t satisfy my downloading and streaming needs so I’ll probably subscribe for unlimited twice every once in a while, let’s say this would happen every weekend; Saturday 3 hours unlimited X 2 and Sunday 3 hours unlimited X 2, that’s 8 times in the same month, translating to 800 bob, totaling to 5.8k.
At this point Airtel postpaid unlimited at 3.5k or Faiba 70GB at 3k would be my choice, but I use the former
When am on the road or generally outdoors n i need to get online, or when Airtel’s network has decided to get moody, I buy a Faiba 1GB bundle at 50 bob
Even when I’m on a budget, 20 bob = 35/40mb Safcom, 70MB Airtel, 80mb Telkom
Safaricom bundles just don’t make sense and coz it has a reliable network it perfectly qualifies as the backup network, where unless I really have to I just don’t use their bundles coz after all the goal is to get online


You are glad you have a choice. where I live only Safaricom internet is availbale. telkom 2g and airtel you cant even call


This is the keyword. No rational person is going to be using it in the manner you are describing. If we were to compare oranges to oranges instead of purple bananas then for short bursts of unlimited internet it works out to.

Faiba Fisi hour - 150
Safaricom 1 hour at 2 per minute - 120
Tunukiwa 3 hour - 100

Mambo ya airtel na telkom I have no idea, maybe someone else will tell us how their oranges compare to the other oranges.


sasa apa ndo these other networks let me down on. Vumilia tu it’s only a matter of time before u get another provider there :disappointed_relieved:


I guess it depends on one’s usage needs. But even so even on low data consumption Safcom is still far much expensive


Most of the guys here who use safaricom unlimited 4g have faiba or other cheaper options. in my case, since safcom keep lying to me every month regarding FTTH, I use faiba mifi for my work. Nonetheless, since faiba 4g peaks at 10Mbps nowadays at my place, I subscribe to Safcom unlimited 4g on weekends, once or twice to download all movies and tv series I follow. The reason I opt for saf is due to its speed, it peaks around 40-50Mbps. On normal usage I just subscribe to Faiba’s 25gb. This will change once safaricom connects fibre to my place.


How good is the airtel post paid? is this the one with contract manenos?


I have been using Airtel for everything from calls to data and now nko field Siaya, Airtel has no signal :signal_strength: and was forced to renew my saf line now i get why Resist cudnt work