Bonga by Alpha is a Messaging platform with integrated Mpesa



Optimistic human.


Wait… Just a quick question. You say that you music discovery, does that thing work really? man, on my side I’d say thats the thing I don’t like about the app. I find fishing for my own music discoveries perfect :grinning:


Read the article. Seems visionary. I went looking for messaging platforms that support peer-to-peer payments and found Tez by Google (in India) and WhatsApp in India. See . It can therefore be a practical idea but I can’t imagine a Safaricom chat application. Do you think they should have M-pesa as an app and then integrate a chat function in there? Literary call the app M-pesa but have a chat feature. That would sure work for Kenya rather than trying a separate thing altogether. Either way, it is good to know they have an innovation studio somewhere in Kenya.


:grinning::grinning::grinning: they’re trying o hard. They can merge a lot to make all everything easy


why are you talking about songa in the past tense has it failed


Who’s tried It’s a chat-bot with frictionless bill payments via M-PESA – woven into messaging; in lieu of the reverse.


One thing i know with bot services is that:-The whole thing of bots is just overrated.Its a nice model for bots but behind it its just another normal application which someone could do on php,node etc.They are useful in short conversations with predefined commands .People tend to make bots sound like another exciting thing from mars*


Turning it into Kenya’s ‘We Chat’ is a sure way to make it relevant to more users. The more value they can pack in the better. I agree with @kiharajon that they should merge everything into the my safaricon app but I understand that they may not want to risk breaking a working app with experimental features.

We shall see


i think instead of safaricom working on their own MPESA messaging app,they should just have partnered with Google to deploy MPESA on Android Messages as bonus feature for East Africa Region and Partnered with iMessages for iOS or just go cross platform with Whatsapp integration…Sure it would be difficult to strike a deal but its better to work with established partners than going it alone especially when seeking to scale,there is no way i will use Bonga by Alpha for messaging when i am so used to whatsapp or android messages for SMS…i can just MPESA using the mysafaricom app or use the sim toolkit…


On the contrary, this is not always a guarantee. In times when you will develop a solution and the platform you depend on decides to roll out the same product and probably even block you, one can see why it may sound interesting to consider developing from scratch.

Costs are higher, especially for customer education, but it works better in the long term. What they should do is not limit access to their app only. Same solution can be scaled to third party apps, but not as primary deployment.


but what does the chat app add value to? D we spend that much time sending money on our phones? I would be more interested if they added another field on both app and SIM toolkit where you can state why you are sending the funds or a short message accompanied with the mpesa message.


In actual sense the app might become a please call me for asking someone for money, like instead of
whatapp-ing someone when i want a soft loan I just use the mpesa chat app, for which an expected reply is an mpesa CONFIRMED message





I think Kplc should also introduce it’s messaging app…
To share tokens


I don’t think this would make Safaricom sad. At least their app will be in use.


For those interested in checking out the Beta, Sign Up Here

The signup window might be closing at midnight

Nothing happened immediately after submitting the form - no email or SMS despite them asking for both. Wasn’t the only one wondering about this:

If anyone experiences something different, let us know - maybe list the steps you took to get a different response?


I think I have signed up twice now, same experience.


I think the testing was not supposed to be open to everyone. Bob was so pissed that it got “leaked”.


They might be trying to collect details first then send out the invites in bulk later on. I hope there is some kind of enhanced logic behind this and not just ‘we didn’t integrate the form to instant invites’ like we’re used to with other insider programs.

Maybe some kind of segmentation where each gets a different view/feature set depending on their digital shadow/customer profile stored by safcon?

I shall try to share the notification & link as it arrives, maybe others can too so we compare to determine any underlying onboarding features.


The app is now available on the Play Store.