Blackberry priv


I’m using Blackberry priv but my m-pesa messages comes with a mobile number instead of the mpesa on top. I was experiencing the same problem with Blackberry passport too so I miss the exitiment that comes with seeing the mpesa text.


Do you know someone by the name Kirimi Stanley or an Edu?

That number might belong to one of them. It is possible the app is messing up.

Try installing a 3rd party app and see if the issue is still there.

I recommend Textra, Android Messages or Chomp.


Please delete that image and upload one that has obscured your friends’ numbers.


He can as well try handcent :blush:


hehehehe :joy::joy:


That’s the messaging app that has a problem. Just get another one as suggested.


Yes. Have realised have the above number in my contact list. Let me try third party app


Hey, have tried handcent app but no change yet.


Google Messenger?


Try accessing to system messaging app info and clear data.
It might clear whatever the error


Priv uses stock android so have been using Google messager