Best Smartphone under 10k?


Which smartphone would you recommend in the ‘under 10k’ price range? Reliability, warranty, memory, display, etc. are considerations.


Phone                               Votes

Infinix Hot 4                         1


Infinix Hot 4 is what I would recommend. 16GB Internal which is expandable via SD Card. Has a 5.5" 720P display and it being an Infinix, you get local warranty and service centre.
Plus it has a fingerprint reader.


Thanks, Ayden - I’ve added a list to the post so hopefully, it’ll get more entries/votes :wink:


This may be useful in a near future @tony.mzungu

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@martingicheru - agreed, and I thought of creating a poll - but it’s hard to do a poll with only one item :wink:

Also, I wanted to do a table for now, but Techweez version of MarkDown doesn’t have table tags capability :cry:
After we get a few more models, I’ll let you run with the poll :smiley:


For that price buy a not-so-used previous generation mid- to high-end phone. It’s better bang for your buck.