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Go with the Samsung


Thanks to this forum. I took a dive and bought a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 at Avechi. I had wanted the Xiaomi Mi A1 but was out of stock. So far, experience is great especially the battery. Well, coming from Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to a Xiaomi, screen is of lower quality, same as camera. MIU8 is better than Touchwiz(my opinion). MUI almost feels like an iPhone.
It is my secondary device so made very few phone calls on it.Well, it has Band 20 and using it temporarily on Telkom 4G.

Had planned to import from Aliexpress but turns out Avechi is cheaper than even the listed prices in China. As for Warranty, i know that i’m on my own.


Someone give me his opinion on the Sony Xperia X


Sony have solid devices. They only have a problem with releasing half-baked software for their phones.


Great phone at that price. I would highly recommend it.


Seriously? Sony has one of the best Android experiences out there. Near stock, useful additions, quick updates and for some of their models, like the Xperia Z3, they even get beta updates from Google itself.


Will have to get my hand on one of their latest offering. Last phone I had experience with was my brother’s xperia. Solid built inside out but the software was buggy that it was operating itself. Sony claimed the bug could be fixed through a calibration fix. Took it to Fone Xpress under warranty and the issue was temporarily fixed. Showed up later after a year.

As from 2016, Fone Xpress stopped dealing with Xperias due to the issue of releasing phones with half-baked software.

May be things have changed now. Will try to get my hands on one and see.


Which phone was this?


Well, am again searching for a phone. My budget Ksh 25000. I have the J7 pro 2017 currently


Still want one that supports LTE on 700Mhz? Well, there’s Xperia XA, HTC U Play, HTC One A9, Nokia 6 and Moto G4


Make sure Volte is also present.