Best Phone Choice


No body else needs help buying a phone?

Best non-Flagship Android phones

Buying a phone to me nowadays i have to check the lte bands. Its a must


It has gotten to this huh?


Telkom got us here


They use Band 20 which is the same as Safaricom. So shouldn’t be an issue


Well, my previous phone didn’t support band 20


4G worked?


My Redmi 4X working superbly very nice video and pic qualities, using it on telkom and saf, it’s dual sim, battery lasts at least 2 days,no scratches yet my phones usually last longer with no scratches, it’s naked with no screen protector nor a cover
it refused to take a 64GB card 32GB works well for now.


I can testify that Xiaomi devices do really well even without screen protectors. I have two ( Redmi Note 3 and Redmi Note 4), both have no scratches at all despite being used for over a year.


xiaomi devices are really good to own…pick qualcomm if you can afford anyday…mediatek is cheap but no kernel support so even getting software updates is difficult


Who is up for the iPhone X?


Should I get a new high spec ultrabook or the iPhone X (umm… ten)?? :thinking::thinking:

Decisions! Decisions!


Here’s another option, I heard there’s land being sold somewhere in the suburbs.


I would like to get tye watch but it only works with an iphone, or may be I can get the watch then buy a 7th hand very cheap older generation iPhone,afterall they said the new watch won’t need the phone always


Why not just buy the pair?


Between Samsung Galaxy J5Pro and Tecno Phantom 6


J5 Pro ya which year?


Sorry, Samsung j5Pro 2017


Go for Samsung tecno uses the less powerful chips which is a disadvantage thats according to my thinking


The phantom 6 battery life will make you angry even more angrier