Best Phone Choice


I haven’t yet. I will wait for the full release before I try it out.


A time for me to get a new phone has come, I don’t go for expensive handsets but like decent specs and great battery life I have come up with three phones that have caught my attention in my price range
which one would you pick based on Battery,power and aesthetics
I have in mind
1-Xiaomi redmin 4X
2-Huawei y6 pro
3- Nokia 6
The first 2 have great batteries at 4,100 and 4000 respectively the nokia 6 is at 3000
Xiaomi has 3GB ram and 32 ROM
Huawei has 2GB and 16 GB but way cheaper of the three
note the screen size for all is 5 inch and 5.2 for the nokia


Nokia 6 has a 5.5" and they are out of stock at Safaricom. Kwani they brought 50 units?


Because power is a factor, the Huawei should not be on your list.

Between the Xiaomi Redmi 4X and Nokia 6, I would go for the Nokia 6. As much as the battery is smaller, it offers the best in aesthetics, software experience and that battery is good enough to last the whole day.

If you really prefer having two-day battery life, then the Xiaomi is the device for you.

Since I learnt that warranty is an important factor in the Kenyan market, buying a Nokia 6 from Safaricom would be the better option - no pun.


Out of stock? Seriously? Yet I wanted to buy my mom one!


i have used the xiaomi redmi note 4x and the battery is so good. just avoid the mediatwk version and go for the snapdragon 625 one


True. Mediatek chipsets aren’t as power efficient as Qualcomm.


I would go for the Xiaomi if warranty doesn’t matter so much to you. The specs of the 4X are slightly better and I have the redmi note 4 and can confirm that the battery life is actually long.


Went for xiaomi redmi 4x, black quite a looker, crisp screen, battery still testing, dual sim so finally I can have my telkom data line, it came with a cover but I like my phones naked so not using it


@kiharajon Where did you buy the phone from?


Airtel shop in Mombasa


Airtel Shop? I didn’t know they sell Xiaomi devices.


Airtel and Telkom both sell Xiaomi phones.


I know about Telkom, just didn’t know about Airtel.


These two have poor built quality. I’m not sure about the Nokia 6 though. I like getting a hands-on experience as opposed to depending on the specs sheet to make a purchase (I blame Infinix and Mwiko* for making me this way).

However, if that is not an issue, I guess battery size matters. So go with the one with a bigger battery.


I have been a mediatek guy for as long as I can remember and their midrange chipsets perform just fine though they are definitely not as energy efficient or powerful as snapdragons. I also admit that I’m a cheapskate and always look at the dollar amount before I get into a phone’s specs (that’s why I’m always rocking MTK-powered phones.) The Xiaomi Redmi 4x is slightly below mid range hence it does not have stellar performance. If you get it make sure you buy the one with a Qualcomm SoC.

The Xiaomi and Huawei definitely beat Nokia 6 in terms of battery life but none of them come close to its beauty. I would discourage you from buying the Huawei because 2GB RAM in 2017? That’s definitely not a phone that will age well Software wise. I guess the only option is the Xiaomi though it’s not ideal because of Xiaomi cloud restrictions.


One more thing comes to mind regarding Qualcomm and Mediatek. If you like modding your phone, definitely go for the Snapdragon. Mediatek doesn’t release their kernel sources quickly enough for developers to pick up new phones and make custom software for it. I saw there’s already a custom kernel for the Redmi 4X called VULCAN that has very many useful features. Good luck finding such a thing for MTK phones. I also like Qualcomm chips because they have quite some room for overlooking. I remember there’s a time I had a Huawei whose CPU base clock was 800 MHz and I could safely overclock it to 1.8 GHz which almost doubled the AnTuTu score! Those were some good times when I was just getting to know the Android modding world. Now I can’t live without it. Stock simply doesn’t cut it anymore.


True! Am on the resurrection remix rom on my Redmi Note 3


Do you guys realize he already bought the Xiaomi? :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::rofl::rofl:


Yeah, I noticed that we were still talking about it two days after he bought the phone. That’s why I’m not posting any more replies.