Best non-Flagship Android phones


Hi people!

I am looking for recommendations on the ideal Android device. I am inclined to non-flagship phones because they are generous with their specs for a very reasonable price. I am however torn on what to get due to conflicting reviews. I am looking at phones that go for around 25k-30k. both here and abroad. So far I have looked at; Moto G5s, Xiaomi mi 5, Meizu Mx6, Wileyfox swift 2x etc.

Does anyone have experience with any of these or have any other phones in mind?


I have experience with Xiaomi Mi 5 and it’s a great device, it is a flagship, a former flagship.
Before we are able to recommend a device, it is better if you give us more details on what you value most in a smartphone like battery life, camera, software and such.


Your wish granted!!


Hahah… I know…


Look at the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4.


Buy Lenovo p2.


sounds good, only problem with mi 5 is that the only available color is gold (not into those flashy colors).
My preferred specs are;13MP camera and above, Updated OS, snapdragon qualcomm processor.


avoid anything with a mediatek processor


There’s where the issue is “Updated Os”. Most flagships offer this but budget phones maybe security updates unless your lucky. Oreo is out and by so i believe anything marshmallow isn’t in your liking


Then I would suggest Nokia 6, Honor 8, Galaxy A5 (2017), Xperia XA1


Honor 8 looks like a good choice


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