hio slot ya simcard might be loose, fungua ucheck, weka simcard while its open ufinyilie uone. Tabs have those issues, probably juu ya kuangusha na kupea watoi


Yap, it did Support Saf 4G because I believe of the other network band 2100mhz if am not wrong. Not sure though


Band 3. 1800Mhz. On Safaricom, 2100Mhz is for 3G.


well turns out the Jumia version is a Kenyan version of the phone. it supoorts all Kenyan bands except of course the faiba band.


I second this. There are plenty of phones out there than the CX


I was using it as a conversation trigger. The way you can say Toyota Belta is the best car you can win in Kenya.


Haha… My Camon CX had wi-fi issues, so mimi ulinipoteza kabisa


Mine had software issues. When I sold it had developed this strange problem where it would eject the safaricom sim card and leave the Telkom on standby


For the Belta you got it right