Avoiding Avechi and Android Kenya Article


Well, then seemingly the offer at Avechi is better, since its 36.5K for the 64GB/6GB one and 37.5K for the 128GB/6GB variant. And its supposed to arrive tomorrow, 12 Sept 2018. I was also surprised by the apparent 1K difference between the two, since internationally, the difference is about 3-4K. Although it seems Avechi made a 5-7K margin on the international price, so it didn’t bother me so much, though 1K difference looks suspiciously low. What is your view?



Thanks for that clarification. I’ve been checking out the unboxing videos, just to be sure when I pay them a visit at their shop of how the setup should be. Do they have phones on display, or is it just like Jumia where you just have like a pick up centre?


That’s the cost you pay for the non-existent after-sales service.


Unfortunately, not. They do not have displays phones. You’ll have to pay first before they break the seal


DONT buy from Avechi. I can assure you they will mess you up. Xiaomi Kenya informed me they will have the device before year end and the price will be 30 to 32K.


Buy from Xiaomi directly here https://www.jumia.co.ke/xiaomi-phones_1/


As a victim, YES they do have but few selected phones on display.


Here’s a simple advise, wait. The Pocophone will be here next month, officially from Xiaomi which means you get warranty and after-sale services.

But if you are as impatient as I am, you can drop by Avechi and ask to see the phone first before paying. They will let you see it, actually, these phones aren’t sealed for this reason. So don’t worry about not confirming whether you got the right device or not.


This is exactly my plan. i am patiently waiting for 1st November when Xiaomi officially start selling it


I bought a Dodgee phone last year from Avechi, firstly they did not have a cover, kept promising
They will get them until i gave up. The screen broke a year later, wrote to them asking if they repair no response months later. No local repair shop got those screens. In short don’t buy from them, poor customer care and after sales support. Only buy from brands with local service centres.