Audiophiles in Kenya: Home Music, Sound Systems


To our esteemed Resident Audiophiles:

How do you know which component will work in harmony with another component (compatibility). Do you just look at cost, ama something more… Setups some of you have sound like the menu in some Italian restaurants…



I feel like this favorite forum of ours has been abandoned…



Inakaa watu wako on leave



I think it’s a waste to use 3.5mm or bluetooth on a hometheatre. You will only get stereo and an injustice to your investment, simply unforgivable.

Wireless speakers and wireless home theatres are also a waste of time and money, just like an English degree. Personally, I would rather deal with wiring rather than have garbage sound quality of wireless systems. Wired trumps wireless if you want superior quality, to an audiophile anyway.

/r/zeos on Reddit has solid info on budget DIY.



And you current setup good sir?

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I envy this guy’s set-up he collects vintage systems, I would like to tr this in kenya OLX has treasures of second hand Hi-Fi systems this year I am building one
Techmoan youtube channel



I am awed with @Excursion’s setup. I love audio and have always felt LG does bad, Sony does relatively well but DIY setups do well albeit more expensive. I own a DZ 350 and have always thought of ways to add a subwoofer for the lows. I thought Polk Audio 505 shipping cost was more than buying price I gave up. I will visit some of the mentioned shops and see if I can get myself sth good. I may consider changing the whole setup.
My thoughts on Bluetooth: it’s convenient but sound wise, not a good option. First there is lag, second quality is significantly inferior to what you get from ARC or optical.

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Bluetooth is worse than ARC or optical…lately i am getting a bit frustrated with my optical setup,there is a slight noticeable lag in picking audio when i start playing something from the TV for the first time.Other than that the sound quality is great.If anyone has managed to get HDMI ARC working on any LG Home theater kindly assist…



Now thats an idea i like, am not an audiophile either but having listened to, owned and wished for great sound, i want to use AVRs and proper speakers. Denon is a great AVR, so is an onkyo and the good thing is they support different variations of speakers. Just google combination of AVRs and speakers for that 100k you will have a killer sound.



Just joined and I am going thru this entire discussion. Quite interesting. I especially really like “Anyway, we should start an education program for the Sony and LG loving lot in here…”. I couldn’t agree more…



"… if you want a full bookshelf setup then probably something like 30k for five speakers"? Where?



Very well said!



I am also new. I come from a facebook group called ‘hometheater enthusiasists’ and boy I almost gave up but seeing comments from excursion and yourself there is hope/

My setup: Onkyo STX SR 333, Bic DV61si pair for front, DV62Clr for centre and Klipsch sw112 sub for the low end ( being replaced by pb1000 or pc2000 at the end of next month), For streaming I use mibox 4k device love it only second to nvida shield and Samsung 55 inch -4k curved tv. I don’t have surrounds yet I am running 3.1 but I will use the dv62s as surrounds once I get towers for the fronts.



Hi fellow audiophiles! I have created a Facebook group called "The Kenyan Audiophile’’. Pease search on the Facebook search bar and join. Let us share knowledge on this wonderful hobby . thanks.

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Why not share that knowledge here… Some of us are too old for Facebook…



Nice setup there. Go for the PC2000, the Pb1000 did not impress me too much at a listening I had.



Try Prolink in town. I got the DV62s and an Energy center for 15k then I got the DA audio bipoles for 8k for the pair…of course all used. I then sold the energy center and got a proper center the Bic D63-3LCR for 13k. So as you see for 30k you can actually get a decent 5 speaker bookshelf setup.



Where in town…



Firestation roundabout on your way out of town next to khoja mosque.

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Now I have the Nvidia shield.

I am disposing of the Bic America DV62Si bookshelves if anyone is interested.