Audiophiles in Kenya: Home Music, Sound Systems


To our esteemed Resident Audiophiles:

How do you know which component will work in harmony with another component (compatibility). Do you just look at cost, ama something more… Setups some of you have sound like the menu in some Italian restaurants…


I feel like this favorite forum of ours has been abandoned…


Inakaa watu wako on leave


I think it’s a waste to use 3.5mm or bluetooth on a hometheatre. You will only get stereo and an injustice to your investment, simply unforgivable.

Wireless speakers and wireless home theatres are also a waste of time and money, just like an English degree. Personally, I would rather deal with wiring rather than have garbage sound quality of wireless systems. Wired trumps wireless if you want superior quality, to an audiophile anyway.

/r/zeos on Reddit has solid info on budget DIY.


And you current setup good sir?


I envy this guy’s set-up he collects vintage systems, I would like to tr this in kenya OLX has treasures of second hand Hi-Fi systems this year I am building one
Techmoan youtube channel