Audiophiles in Kenya: Home Music, Sound Systems


I have like 49 albums all which are FLAC format (pirated from piratebay when it was extremely active :joy:) but my current system doesn’t do them justice. I saved them all to Google drive and resulted to using Deezer to stream music (not bad quality since they have a decent bit rate).

Being an audiophile in Kenya is really expensive (especially to me considering the type of set up and receiver i want. I don’t want to start small :joy:).

For now am going to pretend am okay with what I have and later on I will import what I want. Kenyan shops don’t have a lot of variety on this.


What is the setup you want?


Am waiting for systems with eARC to launch (receivers and TVs especially with all features of HDMI 2.1) to future proof myself. Saa hii sijui if any receiver has HDMI 2.1 support. Pia ningetaka some specific versions of Aperion speakers which are not in Kenya (at least the ones I have checked).


The problem with your priority is that when you can afford the receiver you want with hdmi 2.1, there will be a new format that with be a must have e.g. 8k t.v. etc.


Not necessarily, unlike smartphones, HDMI standards don’t get updated on yearly basis. It’s like broadband network technology. It takes time. HDMI 2.1 is not only good for video 4k 120hz or 8k/60 but also enhanced audio (what we want), low latency for consoles, variable refresh rate… Etc.

If HDMI 2.1 becomes mainstream (beginning this year), it will be a while before we get 2.2 (or 3, whatever name it will be given).

For now on TVs only LG has announced a product that will have HDMI 2.1. but by 2020 most of the new receivers and TVs will have full support.


Wow so many audiophiles, anyway I was checking through OLX and there seems to be a ton of AV receivers and speakers, don’t know about their state but it’s good stuff for a good price, for the same 50k you buy a sony system you can get an Onkyo 5.2 AVR, with 4k support, and some speakers, but it’s a risky endeavor since kenyans selling such stuff are usually shady.


That’s a plot in Gilgil. But I digress.


Chunga, utaambiwa we sio Audiophile…


But how will you listen to a plot in Gilgil?


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This statement is so inaccurate it’s accurate… DVD is a totally different technology from Bluray. There is no way a DVD player can play Bluray. A bluray player can play DVD because of backwards compatibility. Unless you are using DVD line the way Kenyans say “nipatie Omo ya Ariel…”


:grin: Don’t complicate this, I think he knows they are not the same format. I guess he meant that slot which by default plays DVD. Current hometheatres have that slot primarily for Blu Ray but in the process they play DVD.


For guys with DIY Setups, mind sharing your setups and experiences. I know some have already done so, doesn’t hurt to get more experiences:

  1. What is your setup
  2. How’s your setup working
  3. What was your budget
  4. If you were to do it again, would you still go for the DIY approach
  5. Would you still use the same setup…
  6. Recommendations on where to get the components locally, how does that compare to importing


Hehehe. Well, if you say so. DVD ya Bluray it is.


I’m also waiting on this one.


@Dree_Alexander @Excursion tunategea your systems :grin:


I already posted my setup details.


Ooh, I didn’t know you already did that cuz some terms were not for an average audiophile :joy::joy:… Sijui svs klipsch… The only term I understood was tube amp… Na yenye najua ya Seinnheiser costs around $55k. Ikabidi ninyamaze


I posted details for my setup here but i dont mind reposting

  1. What is your setup
    My setup is an LG LHD 657 Home Theater system

  2. How’s your setup working

Its working fine,its connected to my TV via a toslink Optical audio cable.

  1. What was your budget

My budget was 30k,i actually spent slightly less.

  1. If you were to do it again, would you still go for the DIY approach

Yes,i would.

  1. Would you still use the same setup…

Nope,i would probably have looked harder for a similar setup from sony because maybe i would have been able to tap into HDMI ARC capability and take advantage of other sound related sony features that my TV has

  1. Recommendations on where to get the components locally, how does that compare to importing

Well,I got my setup from Banadir Electronics,they are located at Skymall along Luthuli Avenue.I think importing a similar or better setup is a huge undertaking and expense.I just dont have time for that and i am not that much of a deep audiophile.


Since @Omgitsdes says he wants a more legible list.

  1. What is your setup?
    Home theatre:
    Denon AVR 2200W
    Pair of Bic Venturi DV62si bookshelves for my front right/left
    Bic CLR 62 centre
    Pair of DA Audio bipole speakers for surround
    Pair of Pioneer Andrew Jones Atmos speakers
    Pair of Subwoofers, Bic F12 and V1020

For stereo:Tube amp from a Hong Kong company
Pair of Kef iq5 towers

Gigabit Lan, M8s android box, raspberry pi running osmc. Google home for voice commands

  1. How’s it working?
    It is so far amazing, though I want some in ceiling atmos speakers and an Nvidia Shield
  2. What was your budget?
    I didn’t have one, I just started buying components.
    That said, it is at about 250k now.
  3. Diy or not?
    No other option DIY or burst
  4. Same setup?
    If I could afford SVS, I would ditch my current setup. Also I would add something like an Emotiva 7 channel amp to take the amplification burden off my receiver.
  5. Where to get components.
    Try Pro-link if you want a budget setup…and yes, my setup is budget.