Audiophiles in Kenya: Home Music, Sound Systems


Sijui you drag me along on your next site visit…


Could be the cable you are using. I had this issues at first and took some time before I realized it was because I used a generic cable. I have a Sony sound system and a Samsung Tv and the cable works fine for audio and video… I added the optical cable though because I sounds better when content is playing from the TV to the system.


i think i identified the problem,the issue i have noted is the Home theater system is not giving me the HDMI ARC option for selection like the way it gives me for optical audio,so i am thinking i will need to get a much higher quality HDMI cable that has ARC support and cross my fingers that the HDMI ARC option will reveal itself on the Home theater options…


Your opinion is respected. I differ with you on a few things.

  1. I have owned a few Sony systems the last being Sony Bdv e4100 blurry 5.1 system. I currently have separates Denon receiver, 5.2.2 system I.e five traditional surround speakers two subwoofers and a pair of atmos speakers. They sound exponentially better than the sonys. They are worlds apart.

  2. A home theatre system is not meant or designed for music, therefore if possible get a separate setup for stereo. I have a pair of Kef iq5 speakers powered by a tube amplifier (with a toroidal transformer to boot), that sounds heavenly. The Kef MTMs are build for music and they stand head and shoulder above my Bic America home theater system when playing music.

Of course if you have a good system but feed it garbage quality MP3 files, you are defeating the purpose. Get hires music sources. Flac files etc.


Nice setup. I have a Bic setup also, same center as yours, an f12 and v1020 sub, dv62 bookshelves, DA bipole surrounds, and Pioneer Andrew Jones atmos speakers.


Good stuff. Did you get the Andrew Jones locally? Those were my first option but shipping them in was going to be too expensive. Then I bumped into the Dv64 towers, no regrets they are awesome. I wanted the F12 but that was overkill for my house then, the v1020 does a pretty good job. But I think I will grab the F12 at some point.

What is your main movies driver/system? I use an Nvidia Shield with a Plex server hooked up directly to the Marantz the audio it pushes out is fantastic.


The Andrew Jones I got from UK, but they are just the Atmos add-ons that are placed on top of my DV62s. My fronts are the DV62 bookshelves but the bass is augmented by having dual subs, F12 and V1020 powered by a Denon AVR 2200W, side note, I have a pair of KEF towers hooked up to a stereo amp for music. Now to answer your question, I have an Android box (Ms8 pro octa core 4k playing) but I plan to upgrade to the shield. My home is heavily networked so I dump my bluray movies to a 4tb WD my cloud NAS. For playing audio to the stereo amp I use a raspberry pi running OSMC.


Boss, we have a lot of components in common. Up until I got the Shield I was using the same Raspberry setup for streaming. I use the Raspberry with Raspbian and a headless Deluge to grab my movies. I got the same NAS drive as storage for the Plex and other network equipment. Planning on getting a pair of bookshelves for my Zone 2. That’s something for later.

The Andrew Jones I had my eyes on were the full range towers. How are the KEFS? They have very good reviews. That is a fantastic setup you have there.


The KEFs are fantastic, they are proper audiophile speakers. Paired with the tube amp I have, you can’t beat the musicality, sound stage…you really just have to listen to them. (Maybe one day you will after I establish you are not an ax murderer :grinning::grinning:).

About having things in common, I’m certain you know Francis from that shop on Moi Avenue…that guy has “eaten” quite a bit of my money.

Anyway, we should start an education program for the Sony and LG loving lot in here…ama?


Well some of us don’t have the technical know how to set up a proper system ( plus the cash ). Sijui toroidal transformer, Kef MTMs bla blah… And that’s why to some of us, Sony is King…


My source was a guy called Kunta from a shop on Tom Mboya near that KTDA building, I am not sure if they are still there.

Yea you are right I should give those KEFs a listen :smiley:. Beautiful speakers. One day I will own a full set of the Klipsch reference speakers :joy:.


Well, information or lack thereof is your downfall. All the technical know-how you need is free of charge on the net, but again you are probably more apt in some other field. The beauty with separates for a home theatre for example is the ability to tweak and improve without changing the whole setup.
Unfortunately, if you want good sound, you have to spend…and trust me Sony (though their tv’s I respect) is not good sound.


On the cash bit you will surprised that they are not a lot more than you would spend on a decent Home theater with the tall boys. I think the biggest issue is probably the technical know how and or the haste to just get something that just works decently.

With patience and research I am sure you will always get something at your price point that will be better than a home theater in a box.


The shop is Pro-link and they have another shop at the fire station roundabout.

I prefer SVS to Klipsh. Almost every post I see on reddit on the home theater page has a pair of klipshs…I think it is just viewer fatigue.

I have had the joy of setting up a full home theatre with klipsh reference speakers a few years back for a pal of mine. Nice speakers.

If you want to listen to SVS try Kimathi house 3rd floor a shop called Teflon. Tell Charles you want a demo.


I will charge a small fee :slight_smile: to show anyone interested the ropes and I will setup and calibrate for them.
Though the truth is, with 20k you will not get a decent setup. A good receiver at least with Hdmi will set you back about 30k, used, speakers maybe another 40k…the subwoofer is where you will sweat. Subwoofers can set you back a pretty penny.


Yea Pro-Link, those are the guys.

I know SVS has a beast of a subwoofer but I haven’t seen a lot of their other speakers. Will be interesting to investigate. I will give your guy a visit and get a demo of what they have.

I will not ask how much your friend forked out for the Klipsch setup :grinning:.


So you need a minimum budget of Ksh. 150,000 for a decent set up…


More or less depending on the bells and whistles you need e.g. if you want a receiver that does 4k HDR, I currently have not seen anything below 60k, but if you are only interested in 1080p then 30k for the receiver will do.
Speakers are quite affordable, if you want a full bookshelf setup then probably something like 30k for five speakers, towers will cost you between 25k upwards per pair.
A subwoofer depending on the model, size of driver etc can cost you between 20k to infinity.
So if we do the addition, you can get a half decent system for 30+30+20+5 for accessories (hdmi cables, speaker cables, optical cables, Rca cables etc) = 85k
Remember this are used components. If you want new, then the prices are definitely higher e.g. an SVS pb1000 subwoofer in Nairobi is retailing for 103k…


Clearly you @Excursion and @Odida are sound nerds. But good setups you have going (even if I do not understand them fully). The reason buying a home theater is convenience is that right out of the box everything is balanced, easy install and linkable to other devices. The hustle of getting separate parts and making a whole thing seems technical to most average people and a costly affair in case you miss one thing or buy incompatible parts. But in the event I stumble on a ka-loose 200k I will ask you @Excursion to help set up something decent.


Hehehe. Give me a shout when you stumble on the dough.
You see, this tread said audiophile therefore the expectations are higher than those of casual listening and watching. It is tantamount to joining a racing group and tell people there you have a probox. Yes, it works but when people are talking Mitsubishi evolutions and Nissan Gtr and of course subaru wrx, the pro box is in the wrong place.
You get my drift. If you call yourself an audiophile then you are pedantic to small issues like impedance of the speaker cable, what is better between banana plugs and spades, solid state vs tube amps, the DAC you are using etc etc.