Audiophiles in Kenya: Home Music, Sound Systems


Why are these monitor speakers so expensive, 42k for 2 of these


Thank goodness I am not a true Audiophile. For me a kido 50k system is more than adequate…


i agree with this btw…I just switched from 3.5mm jack to Optical audio and the quality is just on another level.I tried HDMI ARC on both my TV and Home theater but both seem not to recognize each other so i gave up.I believe HDMI ARC would sound way better but i guess for now i am limited to Optical audio until i discover a compatible configuration.


i think i got the LG coz its 5.1 tall boys got me nailed especially on price,the sony ones i saw at the time just didnt impress me but if i could turn back time i would put more effort to look for a better sony hometheater setup.


That moment you listen to a very expensive DIY system from a capable audiophile and realize how shitty kina Sony and LG hometheatres are… :joy::joy: Aperion Audio speakers with capable receivers are really good :ok_hand:


I have an old sony dz350 5.1 hometheatre from way back circa 2013 which has served me so well over the years. No tall boys but the sound quality has always been amazing, especially while streaming music from apple music on a connected device. I haven’t had a chance to upgrade but the sound quality has been so awesomely consistent; it has never seen the doors of a repair man.
What I like most is how it pairs well with the sony brand TVs I’ve owned and I find the bluetooth connectivity very handy on all devices I connect to. If I were to upgrade, I’d still pick a sony brand.
I’d like to try the likes of Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Denon etc receivers but I’ve never had a chance to experience their awesomeness. Anyone know a store where they demo such?


Sony sounds amazing, however, if you listen to an excellent diy system (when budget is not a restriction) you will be surprised at what you thought was good :grin:.

The good thing about kina Sony and LG is how they pair with their respective TVs. However, with HDMI arc (and the upcoming eARC with HDMI 2.1) it’s still as easy to pair TVs with up-to date receivers.

As @kiharajon said somewhere on this thread, one day pia mimi pesa ikitosha nitaenda niseme nifungiwe :joy::joy:.


So the consensus is that if you want good sound, soundbars aren’t the place you go to first?


:clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6::clap:t6: Very true


Soundbars are not for good surround sound btw,btw i am tryna get HDMI ARC to work between my TV and home theater and i have hit a dead end,so i have resorted to sticking to digital optical audio for the time being,but it has this weird small delay between TV and hometheater sound synchronizing.


Try Electrohub Lower ground floor, Highway mall next to where Nakumatt mega was and prepare to be amazed.


It’s like 8 years since I last had a home theater at home (thanks to robbery), and I have been considering my options, of course budget plus ensuring I don’t buy 2013 tech in 2019.


An Ideal home theater would be one which has wireless connectivity between the tall boys,subwoofer and the dvd player…i dont know why i like the aesthetics of it but having wires on the floor,or below the carpet sickens me,but i have to admit one thing,cabled up 5.1 setup does have its audio quality advantages.


Most likely you have tried this but I will have to ask, have tried clearing cache on your Android TV? Are you using high-speed HDMI cable? Have you changed the sound I/O settings on TV/receiver? What have/haven’t you done to troubleshoot the issue?

Sound bars are not as bad, they are way better than TV speakers. Others with enhanced Dolby surround cost a fortune. It’s up to you if you just need something for movies/TV alone or if you also like quality music


Won’t the tall wireless speakers require to be plugged in to an outlet? :thinking:


What you don’t know is wireless hometheatres have electric plugs in each speaker, wireless hometheatres ni za wadosi where their houses have electric sockets fitted kwa kila corner ya nyumba to plug in each speakers for power


Well,i guess thats the disadvantage coz the wired setup pull power and sound from the home theater system so its more efficient even in power consumption.


Extending power sockets to where you need one is not for the rich, it’s something anyone can do with a budget of under 5k for all four corners.


In Kenyan concrete houses, extending power outlets using trunkings looks ugly imho. It’s better if a house had them before the room was plastered.

Or if you own a house you can dig into concrete to make the extensions look more aesthetically pleasing.

Otherwise in wooden houses common in the US it’s bread and butter :grin:


in my line of work I always have the chance to see these high end systems being installed inthe houses I build, last week a guy got his home theater (the room) fitted with the high end denon, klipsch speakers a 4k projector lazy boys, massage seats etc, I have always heard about Dolby atmos but when you experience it… mind blown. there was the demo video of an A380 taking off and I looked up and back to locate the plane damn, now that’s living all this while seated in those massage chairs found at malls heh.