Audiophiles in Kenya: Home Music, Sound Systems


The Sony dz 650 33k
Sony dz 950 45k
Main difference 4 tall boys vs 2 tall boys
Being able to play some funny audio formats.
2 way speakers vs 1 way speakers or a speaker has an inbuilt tweeter like those car speakers vs the different mid-range and tweeter on the 950, not that much difference to warrant the extra 10 to 22 k extra


What am wondering though, does it make sense to buy a home theater, now that we are shifting to streaming and stuff. Case in point I rarely use the Disk Reader on my laptop. Therefore I don’t think I will make much use of the DvD player on the Home theater. Same for the radio. Therefore for me the main console would be a heap of expensive junk…

Usually I simply stream movies or songs. So I fear I might buy features in a home theater that I won’t use. For me a 5.1 stereo makes some sense. A sound bar is simply an extension of tv speakers, so not really worth it.

Unless there’s a Home theater without the DVD player …


Oh my, current home theatres are not as dumb as they used to be. The only thing that has advanced in the past few years is streaming versus using DVDs… not the means to output quality sound.

To be clear, the need for a dvd player on most home theatres is to read Blu Ray format (which if you plan to stream you require at least 25 Mbps connection), Its not about playing music. Also, most of the modern Sony home theatres have a streaming option on-board.

You will always need high quality device/system to play your music regardless of the streaming technologies.


In my house my Sony Home Theatre is used on a daily basis. The Sony TV, Playstation and Laptop (via Bluetooth) are connected to it. With its TV-Sync feature it turns on automatically when you turn on the TV. During small family parties it is used alot via laptop music streaming, youtube with some family members occassionally connecting their phones via Bluetooth to listen to songs stored in their phones.

Honestly if the theatre were to be stolen, God forbid, i would buy another one in a heartbeat. Granted sijawai tumia hiyo part ya DVD but it has a USB port which i can say i’ve used more than the DVD player. When relatives come to visit some occassionally tune into the Radio (Classic105). In my case the Home Theatre forms a huge part of my house.


I regret getting LG instead of Sony


Sony is hands down the most functional home theater brand. I don’t know what the company has going on now but the DZ systems were made very well for both sound and functionality. I pretty much operate like @Krizwech with the sync features and using bluetooth for music. I barely use the DVD player too because I stream movies and series all the time. So @Stiffler254 unless I am mistaken, your view of home theaters is misinformed. I’m also curious how you think you’d achieve a 5.1 system (actual 5.1. and not just a connection of five speakers that sound the same) at a cheaper cost than buying a home theater.


I was thinking along the lines of Home Theaters dropping the DVD station altogether. In summary a Home Theater minus DVD. With USB and other features though


Not sure about streaming as a Home theater functionality. … I mean there are smart TVs, Android boxes, Roku, PlayStation and what not, all with the capability to stream…
Do I need another streaming device …?!


The DVD part is for blue-ray disks. What you are describing is an Audio receiver. I have seen some 2018 models that don’t have DVD slots. However they are sold with a 4K DVD player as a bundle because even the manufacturers know people need the DVD part for blue-ray and unfortunately most of us do not have enough internet to stream at 25MBS. You should actually consider that internet in Kenya is faster than in the US on average. Also, not many online on-demand providers have a reliable database of such content. That’s why the same old DVD’s come in handy. On streaming, I did not mean streaming from the internet. I meant streaming content from a phone to the system or from a PC, a tab etc.


Very true. I also discovered yesterday that some LG TVs don’t have 3.5mm jacks. So a friend wanted me to help pair their LG TV to their LG home theater. Hell on earth. Long story short, I couldn’t. I tried HDMI cables etc couldn’t. So for TVs without a 3.5mm jack how do you pair with an home theater or any sound system.


Actually the 3.5mm jack is not the best pairing you can do for a home-theater if you’re going for really good audio. You can use a HDMI cable if both devices have ARC (audio return channel) capabilities. The cable itself has to support ARC too. Or you can use an optical cable for audio.


I thought you needed a smart system… you were complaining about DVD player… right? anyways, even if you don’t need a smart one, some guys here have suggested systems without the dvd player.


Okay. Makes sense .


Not complaining, just wondering. Same difference. But now I think I see the light …


If I may ask where did you get the e6100 at 55k …


Then sony E6100 has internet services and access to sony online library, I have never used the disk tray since I got it, I don’t think I have a single disk at home, why I bought it was because of the sound, I mostly just bluetooth music to it, my tv is dumb so it helps.


I only use the sound capabilities of my home theater,the dvd functionality is barely used…Sony have great sound products but i wouldnt discount LG esp on affordability.


You’re spot on a little extra cost but the sound is so much more worthwhile. With automatic speaker calibration systems like Audyssey, MCACC and DCAC set up is so easy


For just under 500k you can own the Denon avr x8500h from this Kenyans shop
To complete this and the Klipsch 13 speakers and 2 subwoofers to bring the amount to just under 800k
One day I will walk in there niseme nifungiwe


190k only