Are you still using a Windows Phone?


On my morning commute to work,I saw a guy using a Microsoft 735.I politely asked why he’s still using the phone even though Microsoft officially confirmed that they are no longer focusing on progressing Windows 10 mobile.His response was that he doesn’t care that Microsoft pulled the plug on them as long as the phone functions,he’ll still keep using his Windows Phone. Should guys like him give up especially when developers stop updating apps on the Windows 10 mobile platform. I am wondering if any of you still uses a Windows Phone and why?

Ps : There are rumors of a foldable Surface phone to launch at MWC 2018


Next tym u happen to meet that guy give them a Tusker on me :smiley:
I have a Lumia 640 XL LTE as my primary phone and i feel that guy coz anyone who’s used any windows phone know how stable they are on the software side, no hanging n memory issues, monthly updates on all devices, as well as the durable hardware.
As much as Microsoft are leaving Windows Mobile, a decision that i know was coz of the app issue and their failure to convince developers that their mobile platform is worth investing in, they’ll still be sending updates until December 2019, I’m personally pretty much ok with the phone for now and even I have come to accept that I’ll have to get an Android or iPhone sooner or later
I’ve been following Microsoft for a while now seeing as to how they are having a different approach; as in Windows on Mobile as opposed to Windows Mobile, their announcement with Qualcomm running the full Windows 10 on Snapdragon 835 and soon 845 chipsets that are used on phones like Samsung Galaxy S8. Lenovo and Asus already launching laptops using the chipsets ,
I think we haven’t heard the last of Windows on Mobile devices, only this time am seeing the full Windows being run on mobile in future


I use a Lumia 640 XL 3G as well, stable phone and with regular OS updates.


Yea i use my lumia 535 to tweet reason being security in this era tweeting on Android is like stripping on a football field everyone watching


Talk of Lumia 640Xl think i’m gonna get this instead of buying another android device


Why would you buy a Lumia in 2018?


the love for windows ain’t dead yet actually i still got a windows mobile wish i could gwt the lumia 1020 to use purely as a camera device


Well on my part it’s the durable hardware. At some point I wanted to sell mine but had a change of mind when the phone fell down and the screen cracked. Phone fell down screen facing down and there’s a really nasty crack that looks like a spider starting from the top left corner right through the whole screen but there are no touch issues at all. If it were my previous Lenovo I would have had no choice but to have the screen replaced., but I’ll still have to replace it though
Then the camera is great, 13MP Carl Zeiss at the back with HDR, and up to 128GB mem card support. When I get myself an android later on in the year will be using this as both my Faiba 4G router as well as my media hub, i be storing my pics videos n mp3s apo i be playing via Bluetooth and screen cast


How now is Android insecure as compared to say Windows and iOS?


Sounds to me like @iamtembo and @Pascal have an issue with letting go.


Its called loyalty :sunglasses:, but yenyewe the only thing bad about Lumia phones is the fact that they are running a platform that is least popular, the app problem., otherwise the phone build is good. My experience with Lumia has made me start to question the need for buying a phone every now n then, and am actually starting to ask myself what do we do/where do we take our old devices to once they eventually become irrelevant, where do they go., ts kind of a concern


I tell every day i read chats on Android forums there’s no day u wont miss a chat on security mara google steals your location data even if it is disabled mara there was a breach in the system and credit cata data stolen just too much one thing i know with windows u won’t find such and we got Microsoft wallet too


Me in particular i have an issue with letting go of something that is nice according to my personal opinion kama simu za 2014 still receives updates tell me which android phone apart from xiaomi that updates their 4yr old phones


Any device by Google gets 3-4 yrs of updates. Nexus 6P has received 3 major OS updates.

Android One devices should be the same (at least for security updates)

Xiaomi Mi A1 should get security updates for around 3 years and 2 major OS upgrades (Oreo and Android P)

Only time will tell.

iPhones have been doing 4-5 years.

I had a Lumia and most updates were just minor changes here and there. Lumias were awesome though.


Well Windows phone fans out there too aren’t giving up on the phones just yet. A while back a developer was able to install Windows 8 RT on a Lumia 640 XL. Today am seeing another one having installed the same OS on the same Lumia 640 XL model and has even gone ahead to fix issues with the sensors, sound among others
The pics kinda make you imagine what a PC would look like on a phone’s screen


So it’s come to this huh? Installing full versions on Windows on your phones because I guess it’s the only way to keep it exciting.


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: actually why do u loathe windows with such a passion at least we can make the phones portable pcs which everyone dream of


I will if we meet again


I don’t loathe the operating system. I used to love it. I desired Lumia smartphones so much when I was in highschool but Android just met more of my needs. Right now, I am surprised how you can stand up and defend Windows Mobile.


Well not the Windows Mobile as a platform but in terms of the hardware. I don’t see why one should get rid of a perfectly working device when you can be creative and find another use for it, or just play around with it n see how much more you can do with what you still have. The term mobile to me is relative, i mean devices were supposed to work for us not the other way round. To me it really doesn’t matter which platform you’re using so long as you are getting what you need from that platform. So as much as nina attachment issues hehe won’t throw it away unless it get’s dead on me :100:, though like i said i know i will have to get another worthy replacement, maybe go back to BlackBerry now that they’re on Android and pushing updates regularly, Nokia too, or an iPhone