APP OF THE WEEK - Weekly Feature on Techweez (I NEED YOUR HELP)


I nominate NetGuard

It is a no-root firewall. You can block apps from accessing the internet easily.

Some apps do not need to connect to the internet at all (Calculator, a PDF reader, file manager, gallery, camera, launcher etc) and Netguard is perfect for blocking them.

You can also limit apps to Wi-Fi or cellular only.


Their chrome extension continues to bring value esp if you dictate a lot.


Well, as a start let’s start with mobile apps kwanza.

Please elaborate before we catch mafeelings…

Thanks guys, @Satoshi, @wizmelavin and @General for the suggestions.


Habitica Rpg productivity app for habits, dailies and to-dos. I use it mostly for things I must do day in day out.

Google tasks–this is use to jot down small tasks that I don’t see the necessity of placing timelines on.

Forest- stay focused after timer is running, do not touch the phone or your tree dies. If you stay disciplined throughout your working times, you have a forest to show for it!

My calendar - well, a wise man once said, not everything needs to stay stored in the brain. If you can write it down and come back to it later, why not? Save brain space for the more paramount things. I’ve used this app to track my period for almost three years now. What I really love about it is the restore option so I’m not worried incase I Uninstall it by mistake or change phones, which I do often.

Google keep - this I shall never lose! Best note taking app plus you can create lists etcetera.

Medscape - if you’re a doctor or medical student then I need not stress the importance of this app.

Money lover–this app has helped me know where my finances are going hence manage and budget better. The first step to achieving financial freedom is knowing where your money goes.

Blinkist - Lifesaver! I can now comfortably read a book a day and grab the important information only.

Quora - ask any question, get answers from professionals and experts. Answer questions and grow your knowledge bank.

Medium - if you’re addicted to reading like I am and cannot create time to read whole books often, you might want to get this. It keeps things in perspective and it’s very informative.


F-Droid, an appstore for open source android apps. This app store will remind you of why you love android.


You have some pretty interesting apps especially Habitica and Forest which i really need but the one that caught my eye is Money Lover. I’ve just downloaded it and want to compare it with the two apps i currently use to check on my spending i.e. M-Ledger and Overview. I will give feedback on it later in the week and so far i’m liking what i see.


I’ve installed… such a neat app, I like it already!

What’s most interesting, however, is that the app’s creator did it to fend off the effects of 140-character tweets by encouraging people to create longer posts, and therefore encourage longer readership.

This “Yin & yang, Pepsi & coke” nature of tech, i really appreciate :grin: … It’s like homeostasis; self-regulating nature in living organisms.


Evernote dropped the bomb when they limited their free accounts. For the power user, Simplenote is a brilliant option. It supports all major desktop and mobile platforms, you can edit using Markdown and as an added bonus it is open source.

I’ll give a special mention to the iOS Podcast app and Kindle. The most used apps on my devices.


snapseed by google is super simple to use and a great image editing app


@indeadline will be posting one app weekly on Techweez. Keep them coming guys!


The Google Podcast app isnt bad either btw


Discord. Probably the best gamer centerd chat app we have atm.

Tinder… :grin:

Authy… 2FA app with cloud backups (encrypted).


Has anyone mentioned Microsoft Launcher, its better than Nova Launcher for productivity especially keeping track of meetings, reminders etc. Highly recommended.

Also its free.


I used to use it. Then got bored of many changes MS was making to it over a short period of time.


I had passed on it before but after the new changes I was won over so I guess it’s the opposite.


i been using microsoft launcher for a while now and so far no issues.


I like it. I have installed it a few times and end up uninstalling it after getting bored. Am just waiting for the October update on Windows 10 pro so that I can use the launcher to operate my android phone from the PC (and vice versa).

I wish Microsoft would just make an android phone and slap the launcher as a skin so that it’s more like iPhone and Mac experience :smirk::smirk: tired of launchers…


Then they would have to deal with consumer demands of notches and 50 cameras? I think they would rather work on the launcher and make it so good that anyone with an Android phone can use it and have deep integration with their PC.


:joy::joy: you know who we are :smirk:

If only microsoft phones didn’t die… :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


Does anyone have a good alternative to Google Fit. They changed it to something that doesn’t work at all. They are now more focused on heart points instead of Kilometres walked that day.