App Based Mass Transit Solutions coming up in 2019,Your thoughts?


‘Uhuru gardens’
‘Nairobi west prison’
‘Mbagathi RBT. Stage’
‘Kenyatta market’


Engen Kahawa Sukari
Kahawa Wendani
Githurai 45
Roysambu Bridge
Safari Park
Garden City
Drive In


Westlands Stage
ABC Place
James Gichuru
Mountain View


if you are interested in participating in the little shuttle bus pilot,kindly join asap before its closed…Give feedback and get the updated routes and apps and other infor here


I was considering boarding today and I see why it would have been a bad idea. They posted their success on Twitter. Ningekuwa hapo nimeng’ethia kwa social media.


:joy::joy::joy: Bila malipo ya marketing/modeling


Swvl has an uphill marketing task ahead of them. Their buses have been going around empty for almost a month and Little are full on day one. Though we will see how full they are when the free offer ends.


I agree,during this pilot phase…its not appropriate to market yourself so widely…


I hate to say this but i like Swvl’s strategy…First,they are growing their numbers organically,word of mouth and a bit of social media…thank God the TV guys are not covering them yet coz their app and service experience for the customer is way better than little shuttle.First honestly i have been unable to book and board a little shuttle bus coz their booking experience is terrible,there is no boarding pass/no booking number,when you call the driver the app crashes,lastly you cant cancel a booking with them and it reflects on the history section like you went on it.Then also you cant track the bus,their notifications don’t work and the driver doesn’t call to check so he/she doesnt know if you are at the stop…in short the little app is way buggier than the Swvl one…then there is the issue of overloading,i think the little shuttle buses are carrying way more people than the design of the bus can accomodate comfortably in some trips.I wish to note that till now i have tried and i have been unable to successfully book and board a little shuttle bus at the times i have booked,in fact i havent had a ride in that shuttle bus at all…lastly,the little shuttle team are poorly handling feedback,they dont seem to take feedback and work on it as fast as the competition and they are not very responsive,but thats my opinion…they are rushing and making mistakes,not forgetting the matatu industry has noticed them now and will fight them if they dont get what they want…Well,Good thing this is the beginning of a race and little may have numbers now but lets see who wins in the end…


ION Swvl just launched the ndenderu CBD route now,plus they have changed their CBD stops,probably to avoid matatu conflict and kanjo guys…crown bus station is ideal coz some tour operators with similar vehicles operate from there with similar buses.


I feel like Swvl needs to change that name. Whenever I try marketing their services to friends, people are like, “ati ulisema inaitwa?” Others think it’s little :joy:


has someone here been able to actually book a little shuttle bus and get on it…i would like to know their experience coz i have completely been unable to book and get a shuttle successfully.I have resorted to using Swvl for now,speaking of which…swvl has added more routes…CBD-Ngong Road-Karen and CBD-Ruaka-Ndenderu routes…


Kwani hii bus iko na sambaza? Anyway, I was about to sh*t on Little because I’ve seen so many empty buses but someone has just told me(@Dree_Alexander has confirmed this) they’ve not been able to book(its fully booked) for last 3 days. Let’s see how it does once the promos end…


I downloaded the swvl app just out of curiosity. I go to usiu ateast 4 times a week and was interested in the possibility of signing up. Unfortunately there buses go to a place called kinoo and none go to thika road. Hopefully things will change in the near future. It was a wild shot hoping to get a trip from South b to usiu anyways.


Be more keen. Thika road was the first route to launch 3 weeks ago on swvl. It’s CBD-Ruiru on the app. Kwanza for USIU it’s perfect, the pick up point is directly opposite where the usiu buses pick students at Jevanjee and then the drop off is at safari park, where you just hop into the usiu shuttle to uni.


I agree with satoshi,It was the first route they launched…You need to be more Keen…I study at USIU and i have been commuting with Swvl for like 3weeks now especially a lot on that Thika road route…On the swvl app under available trips,look out for CBD-Ruiru,there is a stop labelled safaripark thats the one,i alight there a lot and take the yellow USIU campus vans…sure Swvl are not yet on the Msa road route yet but they probably will launch soon.As for me,i been commuting with them mostly on the CBD-Ongata rongai route and the CBD-Ruiru route.Looking forward to try them out on the Karen/Ndenderu/Kikuyu routes


Maze Little shuttle ni shida tupu,their app makes it so difficult to book,the tracking system with maps simply still doesnt work,the promotion they have for passing by the malls today has not been working well.They r making Swvl look so good at this moment,i simply dont care about free anymore,free doesnt matter if i cant book and get on board for the ride.


No, the reason startups raise money is so that in a few months their name will flow freely out of everyone’s mouth after a successful marketing campaign.


I had booked today a trip(FROM Westlands - CBD-Upperhill-Rongai) whose one of the pickups is @ the mirage.

I called the ‘Captain’ 5 minutes early only for him to say he was in Rongai giving a reason that they were late.

My trip was cancelled by Swvl …

It seems some routes have a single vehicle.

It would be nice if Swvl notified one like ½ - 1 hr early if the ride will be late or not occur at all …


My stop was removed from Swvl app, they say that it’s hectic for drivers, so I guess it was nice when they were around. Little Pilot is not for the faint-hearted. I was in Westlands yesterday at 5pm, thought to give it a try and it was fully booked. Next available trip was an hour away.


my stop was removed from the swvl app too…havent been able to use it since monday.