Android TV Box to replace DSTV


I am really surprised a lot of people have not discovered Acestream yet.

Acestream is almost like torrenting but for streams. (P2P)

  • Get the Acestream Player from here. It is a modified VLC player that can handle streaming those links -

  • Download and install it.

  • You will need to find some acestream links. Most of them are in 720p. Here is a good site for soccer streams -

You can find more acestream links on Reddit. Try googling ‘Reddit acestream links’

I have a 5mbps connection and 720p works almost flawlessly. I’d recommend 8-10 mbps for a better experience though.

Let me know if it works for you guys.


SodaPlayer also supports AceStream links but it did not work for me.

EDIT - BT Sports will be streaming the Europa League and Champions League finals (in VR for CL ) on YouTube.

It is not clear whether we will be able to watch it. But just in case, you can get a free VPN add-on for chrome or sign up for a free trial and cancel it after the games.

More Info Here.

PS: This was part of the contract when BT Sports got the rights. Do not fall for the BT Sports marketing tactics.


I watch all my football on all available Beinsports channels with the halow live tv addon,under live sports,…its been very stable and i have used it for the past two months.I am still looking for a way to get access to VEVO TV though


Those two words cannot exist together.

Acestream works well but if you want dependable service, you gotta fork out cash. It’s all ILLEGAL but hey who will stop it.


I saw another interesting box, the HIBOX HERO(CHUWI) that has a dual os(Windows 10 and Android 5) boot set up. You can check it out. It’s USD 130 from Amazon.


I’m interested in this.


Here is a review of the box.


I’m liking what I see, which in turn makes me realize I don’t need a Windows dual boot, just Android. And a minimum of Android 6. Have we reached a point when TV updates worry us the same way it’s been for our smartphones?


Oh yes, and Android will of course let us down once again when it comes to updates.


That’s now the issue…updates. Is Android 6 all that different from Android 5 on the tv side?


Not really. I got an update to Android 6 from 5 and aside from the subtle UI changes, nothing else.


Android TV on Marshmallow is still better by far,one can do lots of cool awesome things with it…esp now that there are newer apps customized for it,think Twitter and Facebook Video,I would note that Android TV has had a huge change esp on Android O,i personally dont like the changes.Good thing is Sony have committed to Updating all models to Nougat by end of Q4 2017 even the 2015 TV models,like the one i have…Android TV(not to be confused with Android OS on TV boxes) has grown exponentially,over 5 million Android TV sets and boxes sold globally,its a huge massive market one cannot afford to ignore…and it keeps growing by the day,even in kenya…At least 10 Android TV units are sold weekly in Nairobi from all retail and wholesale outlets and more are even being sold and moved to other towns outside the city…DSTV and local TV stations should start keeping an eye out on this,i believe there is a growing local movement engaging with all kinds of Smart TVs


So which ones are the top Android TV units to buy in 2017?


Mostly any new Sony Bravia 2017 models 43 inch and above,Philips and Sharp have Some awesome android tv units but i havent seen them locally…Also check out TCL,they do have new 2017 models…Personally i recommend the Sony Bravia models esp 2017 models as Sony has committed to Android TV upgrades to Nougat and O at the very least…Even the 2015 TV models just got upgraded from Android TV(lollipop) to Android TV(Marshmallow)-May 2017 and They will be upgrading all models to Android TV (Nougat) by Q4 2017…The screens are fragile though so one has to be careful lest they break/replacement is not worth it coz its damn expensive and difficult


Sony Android TVs. Anything from 2016 or 2017.


Stay away from smart TVs, just buy Android boxes, they are easily replaceable in case of a software upgrade delay.


Martin has a valid point,as much as possible explore the android box option first…the Xiaomi Mibox and Nvidia Shield are better options…Best thing is buy an LG Screen and add the android box,Sony android TV’s have poor screen quality/durability plus underpowered hardware…


I always feel an itch when people attack brands I love and use. But anyway… My TV is still on point, crisp and I don’t feel like its underpowerd.


:laughing: I’m a Sony fanboy, every electronic in my house is a Sony. From my Xperia phone to the TV , Home Theater and Video game console. If Sony made refrigerators and Microwaves i would purchase to replace the current ones in my house


Chromecast users, hope they fix this soon it’s annoying, I like going everywhere with my cast with just my phone