Android Smartphones and Notches - Brace Yourselves




Notch plus a chin is a disgrace. This is terrible.


Another news just popped in. Lenovo Z5 teaser No Notch, No Bezels!


Yup. Saw this and it got me excited.


If only a phone was just the screen.


I can imagine how cool smartphones will be


That Oppo F7 looks perfect for a non techie girl. Will definitely be recommending it.


With the likes of the Huawei P20 Lite around and TECNO Camon X Pro, I don’t see why anyone should consider the OPPO F7.


Seriously though… this F7 is trash. I bet it can’t even beat the F5


So the F7 came in for a review. Anything in particular you people might be interested in knowing about it?


Can it sustain a drop test?


“How water-resistant is it?” :blush:


I’ll try going for a swim with it. Wish me luck.


Haha… I can already guess the results


I had to hold my best wishes…:smiley::smiley:


Why are they doing notches? It is the most annoying design evolution ever. I hope this period does not last long in mobile tech. And we can agree that end users do not really need the full screen to body ratio.Samsung for example makes great screens and it really doesnt matter if the front is full screen. I dare say their most significant design break was with the S7 edge. The rest are just built on that and notches added.