Android Smartphones and Notches - Brace Yourselves


This is the Vivo V9:


This is the OPPO F7:

This is the OPPO R15:

Context: In the past, Vivo and OPPO flagships have often dictated how OnePlus phones will look like. So this could be a possible look at the upcoming OnePlus 6, which will possibly launch in June.


Now that iPhone will kill the notch next year[2019] am eagerly waiting to see it go down with these Android devices.


I thought the year was set to 2019?


If display notches trigger
you it’s probably time to get off the internet for a little while


Thanks for the correction corrected already



There’s also this video from Android Authority that discusses the notch:

I agree with Lahn, simce I believe there is a reason why Google would add native notch support into Android. There’s a possibility the Pixel 3 will feature a notch…


If a Pixel 3 with a notch does not flop, I will know these manufacturers can get away with anything.

We did a ‘very in-depth and scientific’ study (More details on that below) and the general consensus is no one is buying it if it has a notch.

In fact, mentioning the words don’t mind, notch & Pixel 3 in the same sentences is the fastest way to make a lot of new enemies as of Mar 2018.

How the Study Was Conducted | Trey Research Center

  • The researchers typed in the words ‘Pixel 3 Notch’ into the Google search bar.
  • They proceeded to open as many articles as possible from the first 5 pages (Did you know Google can have 5+ pages of search results?)
  • All comments were analyzed by J.A.R.V.I.S.


Don’t they dare notch the pixel, I don’t care how the hell the notch helps us, if google notches the pixels, my love for android is over :persevere: , I would rather have an iPhone instead of a clone… spearheaded by the android father (I still know essential did it first… but not until apple did it when…)


All these stories of people copying other people is redundant. Consumers’ need for bezel-less phones is driving companies to design the phones we are seeing now. Companies are not copying Apple, they simply need to make phones that their consumers will buy. I’m pretty sure that a good percentage of Android users don’t even know how the newest iPhone looks like. Personally, when phone shopping, I don’t even consider how much a phone looks like the newest Apple or Samsung flagship. I simply look for a design that works plus the internals are far more important.

Phones need to be notched until the technology that will enable selfie cameras to be hidden under the display comes along. Vivo Apex is a good prototype and I wouldn’t be surprised to see that design “copied” by tons of other companies.


I love Samsung’s approach to the whole notch design. Their notches extend from one edge to the other. More manufacturers should try that.

I think they nailed it. :blush:


Yeah. Samsung has a good solution to that problem but cannot achieve a full bezel-less design… not that it’s that important anyway. I think companies should keep just a bit of space between the screen and the edges to prevent accidental touches.

Hey, @Trey What do you think about this trend of companies getting rid of the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of a single USB-C port? Is it a passing fad or can it become mainstream in the near future?


The future is here :blush:


Haha whats even the use of the bottom notch


So about those notches…


@martingicheru a Nokia?


They have not released a phone with a notched display yet.


I was wondering what phone is that since he’s a die hard nokia fan


Huawei p20 lite/pro?


Yes, it’s the P20 Lite.