Android P Beta on Nokia 7 Plus


VoLTE impies Voice


Only one Nokia droid, the Nokia 3 doesn’t support VoLTE (both voice and data).

As an extra, Mediatek is doing final tests in Kenya for their chips to support VoLTE.


Haven’t been able to get VoLTE on it. But internet works fine.


Any reviews on the Nokia 6.1?? Thinking of purchasing it. Comparison to the Redmi Note 5 global variant? plus have you guys checked the New Nokia 2.1, 3.1 & 5.1. HMD is really coming out guns blazing


I think this will backfire… Too many devices in a short period will make customers “wait” for the “next” big thing. They might file bankruptcy sooner than later if they continue like this, just like Leeco died.


Most of these phones are region specific.

They recently released the Nokia X6 with a notched display specifically for the Chinese market. I do not think that phone will be released anywhere else in the world.

The New Nokias (2.1, 3.1 & 5.1) will most likely be marketed heavily in India and Africa countries.

Also, this is very normal. 10 new phones in 6 months is not too many.

Phones released in 2018 (As of June 5th 2018)
Source - GSM Arena

Huawei - 14 phones
Samsung - 11 phones
LG - 10 phones
Nokia - 10 phones (8 if you don’t count their feature phones)
Xiaomi - 10 phones
Vivo - 10 phones
Oppo - 9 phones
ASUS - 7 phones
ZTE - 7 phones
Sony - 6 phones
Alcatel - 6 phones
Motorola - 6 phones

See, just a normal day at the office.

I personally expect them to double (1% to 2%) their smartphone market share this year.


Ooh, cool. Didn’t know. I thought they were playing Samsung game :grin:


We have one in the office but I don’t think there will be a review, just a comparison with the original Nokia 6. So, if you want to know anything, ask me right here.

One thing I noticed, these phones don’t have Band 28. Hopefully, this is just GSMArena getting it wrong.


You are right about Band 28. They use a Mediatek processor btw and not Snapdragon. Might these be the issue?:thinking::thinking::thinking:


Your honest opinion on the phone will be much appreciated. What are your thoughts on the fingerprint placement? camera? Load time of the apps?


Some call it Mediachieth .I have a feeling they are pushing things to fit a budget instead of having a good device.


only the latin america models seem to have band 28


Perfect. This is where it should have been from the beginning. However, you might feel differently since there are people who want a front-facing reader.

Better than the first generation by far. However, something like the TECNO Camon X Pro takes better shots.

No complains about the software however, I noticed my review unit didn’t come with some apps such as a calculator… I didn’t have this issue with the Nokia 7 Plus, so I am hoping its not the case for everyone.


@sarunibm what’s your take between the Nokia 6.1 and the Redmi note 5 pro?


@fwosi hehe I already know the answer to that question because you shot it right to Mr. nokia :joy:


Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Pro anyday. Better design. Bigger battery. More storage. The option for more RAM.

The downside of the Note 5 Pro is the lack of USB-C but not a big deal. As for software, you can always just flash a custom ROM if you don’t like MIUI.

You clearly don’t know me.


and of course, No band 28… why???:cry::cry::cry:


Oh yeah. That too but I have a MiFi so I don’t care.


Saw that Nokia released the android P update for nokia 6.1 which I bought a few days ago, how long will the update take to be available in Kenya, i also see that you can download the OST zip file if you are impatient I did but I have no clue on how to install it, the update was 3 days ago.


Can confirm that I am successfully running pie on Nokia 6.1. Wasn’t patient and thus used the zip file. I will link the below forum and format shortly