Android O is available on the Beta Channel for the few lucky ones


Kama ningeweza ningekusambazia now that I am using a Microsoft Lumia phone…


Hehe now this is sarcastic but I still got a Lumia just migrating pole pole


At this rate we’ll need a Lumia support group. :joy::joy::joy:


Tuchekelee tu :unamused:

I am just waiting for some cash I get that CX :smirk:


Get the Microsoft Groove apk from and sideload it on your phone,then sign it up with your microsoft account.


I had forgotten that this was a possibility, Microsoft Groove is quite something.


thanks tu sana groove music is better than these music apps flooding playstore


bytha wat do u enjoy in android coz so far my experience shouts go back to w10m or switch to iphone got a xiomi mi6 its a flagship no excuses @martingicheru


Lumia? Are we in 2007 and I don’t know?


App experiences are good. If you notice all important apps from Kenya start with Android, they get updates. I find Android more elastic in many areas. Ability to customize the device and make it my own.


Hehe ata mimi am in team Lumia. I’ve used 2 Lumia devices so far and am currently using a Lumia on Windows 10 mobile. The OS is kul n fluid, i have 1GB of RAM and can run games of over a GB with no problems. Task switching is also fast and stable, in general i love this phone. The store aint so bad too now that developers are now focusing on the UWP platform and though the number of apps clearly cant compare to those in the app store or play store, i still have most of the important apps, like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, FB n the such, and they are being updated every now n then. The Kenyan apps I’ve seen so far are CBA, Chase Bank, Family Bank, Ecobank, DTB, UBA and KCB mobile banking apps, Citizen News Digital, Little Taxi Rider, Hellofood and Taxi Chap Chap. Then the device is fairly customizable, with the exception of custom ROMs that u get to install on Android devices.
I know going forward Windows 10 Mobile will be a dead platform especially since Microsoft now plans to bring the whole Windows 10 PC OS to the mobile device n they wanna call the devices ‘Windows 10 Mobile PCs’, which I already have set as my next device. But until Microsoft announces their last update on the Windows 10 Mobile platform me am just contented with this device
Alafu Lumia doesnt have to mean tiles all over…, this is my customised homescreen


Utaacha matusi @sarunibm :rage::rage:

@iamtembo I am with you. Team Lumia all the way…as long as it works…

Which for me is, 60% of the time!! :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Recently the Instagram app has totally refused to open. It brings the icon for half a minute and then just goes back to home. Same case with Messenger and Facebook. I am now thinking of deleting Messenger and Instagram the way I deleted Facebook. :triumph:

So my dear ebu tell us which Lumia you are using because I am not getting it!! 🤦🏽‍♀🤦🏽‍♀


android fanboys since i tried groove on android the experience isnt fluid as that of W10M for example sorting music based on date added isnt available huku kwingine had to delete it so am requesting android boys and and bigwigs to come out in large numbers to suggest for me a music player which sorts my music based on date added everytime i synchronise my music.


i agree with u Windows i fluid on 1gb ram devices and the storeis improving too but had to switch coz they are killing the platform no clear information about the future.


Hehe 60%, btw the FB and Messenger apps are really big in size like over 100mb and theres still no lite versions, thats bummer. Ebu try re installing IG and Messenger to see if they will behave, ama u do a soft reset by pressing and holding the power button and volume down, phone will restart after like 5 seconds and app states will be normal. Am using a Lumia 640 XL LTE @barbzy, where/what u not getting?

Yea , ata mimi if that new Windows 10 Mobile PC / Surface Phone won’t be worthwhile will just have to miserably crawl back to Android… But i love Windows Mobile :tired_face:


I love Windows Mobile too btw…ni vile it has failed me continuously and I have to eat humble pie :tired_face:

Lemme try it and see what happens.


Hehe i get you Barbzy, whichever device we choose to use it should just be one that works for us


On your apps not working if u on creators update on a lumia go to settings then u’ll find a dedicated apps settings listed as apps and off-line maps click that and choose the app which isnt responding then reset it and it’ll clear everything and go back to its initial state when u installed if if that doesn’t work try soft resetting your phone or still if it doesn’t word hard reset if that too doesn’t work downgrade using Windows/lumia recovery tool then upgrade your experience will be fluid then


When the windows pc or the surface phone is launched with guaranteed support i’ll switch back android is a pain in the neck just got to persevere coz got to turn


Ata nimewachana na Windows sasa. Got myself a CX.:heart_eyes:

My Lumia sweetie has gone into the drawer :relieved: