Android O is available on the Beta Channel for the few lucky ones


Android O (Which Google hasn’t given a dessert name yet) is already available for download on the Android Beta channel. Catch is that you have to be owning or using either one of these devices; Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Pixel, Pixel XL.

I keep saying they will end up calling it Android Omena but no one listens.


Have the posted the site for name suggestion? We should push for Android Omena. My next phone purchase should be a google flagship or a old flagship in order to get this early access to play with.


This happened sometime back, but could mean anything from a hint to throwing people off. So Omena stays


:joy: :rofl::joy: :rofl:

Ati Android Omena!? Haahaha!!!


omena stay I like the name


On behalf of all Genuine Android enthusiasts and pros, we reject Omena.

We will wait for Google to give us the big O!


Junk food. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:


The big O? :open_mouth::smirk:


Yes. You don’t want the big O?


Man,Android is just messed up…My android phone and Sony smart TV are all on Marshmallow with no promise to upgrade to Nougat,Google is changing the entire Android TV UI with Android O with updated Youtube,Picture in Picture and Google Assistant,I m just here working with Android software that is 2 years old nkt…This fragmentation is a disaster in the making


I think that by now we know Android can mess you up, that’s why you don’t invest in a smart TV and instead a dumb one, then get your hits and misses with Android boxes. With a smartphone it’s easier, switching one to another is easy, and if you’re clingy GF you can hope for and install a CyanogenMod.


Yeeeh i m just hoping Sony will at least release a Nougat Update for the 2015 smart tv models with a few customizations/updates from the Android O platform,i still have no regrets coz most of the android apps will still be supported until at least 2020


Naughty naughty boy :boy:t4:


I see two people here needing a sort or privacy and they don’t seem to see that.


Maybe Google should release Pixel TV, That I would buy since I just got Marshmallow on my TV as well. Still trying to figure out if there’s Lineage OS for TV


We will finish this later when @martingicheru isn’t watching.


The Android TV version of Android O seems to have an ugly UI/UX,its like they think they know best when it comes to content


They will break Android TV on O, just “fix it” on Android P


I am just hoping Sony dont push that ugly update to my TV model,i will be fine if the final update is Nougat,i can live with that.


now talking android can someone explain to me how i can get Microsoft Groove Music app kwa android phone in kenya