Android Box Battle Royale

Limitless or GearsTV are the ones I have used both very stable. But I would go for Limitless if you want a wide variety of options.

Thanks bro. Got limitless 1 month. A bit of a hustle to set up but works now. Let’s see how this goes.

Out of curiosity with Kodi and Livenet TV, why subscribe to a pay IPTV …!?

Reliability and quality it seems

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Yes, PM me please.

TV Guide, Quality (IPTV is just one link as opposed to Kodi/Livenet where you have to look for a good link. Also it’s not free so less load per link), No buffering buffering, PVR. It’s just more reliable IMO


If you use their App it should be less of hustle. But yes if you got the PP way it is a bit of work. I love their App especially the bit where you can create a favourites list.

By the way if you love it join their Discord group for support. Mostly used to report any stream issues, banter and channel requests.

That’s a scary development. You can be blocked from installing some apps on ‘your’ smart TV.

Damn,thats scary…i guess we better keep our android tv’s on developer mode at all times lest a software update bricks an app i may be using…But i am not surprised sony be doing that,besides they been collecting a lot of app/viewing data from our TVs so they know which illegal apps be streaming what n all that.

Sisi watu wa android box habana tambua Sony…

Someone please PM me a legit Limitless link. I googled and got a bunch of links and not sure which to trust.

PM me, its not a free service though

@Odida how did you sign up to Limitless?

I’m using a samsung TV running the tizen OS which does not seem to recognise the Live NetTV, anyone had this experience and what other options are there? Live NetTV say that the app is free after download, ow true is that?

Woooi unatumia Tizen OS,i wish u well getting compatible apps

Not sure Kodi can be installed directly on smart TVs, only if the TV has an OS like Android/iOS. Anyway Chinese manufacturers made things easy, you can always buy a 30$ TV box and use Kodi from there, pretty sure a TV Box connected to your TV will be infinitely useful. I have a tv box with android, Nvidia Shield. And its really powerful, i even can play games on it, just bought a remote control and it made my gaming experience even better.