An Internet World War II is brewing!


So a Trump-leaning chairman of the influential American FCC plus two other commissioners have voted 3 to 2 against democrat-leaning commissioners to repeal its 2015 net neutrality rules that prohibited Internet service providers from blocking, slowing or discriminating against online content and services. This in principle creates what CNN, pro-net neutrality activists and laymen proponents like myself contemptuously terms as “Internet for the Elite”.
So ladies and gentlemen, the battle line has been drawn in America. This is Internet World War II. Take arms. Which side are you?


I’m for Net Neutrality.

Imagine Safaricom blocking/throtling access to Viusasa and force us to subscribe to what they are offering or promote Showmax by giving full access speeds to Showmax’s service over Viusasa?

But based on articles online, directors of ISP providers are promising no change of user experience. After all, the FCC owns no ISP company.


Abolishing net neutrality laws is a giant leap to the monopolization of the internet. It gives companies legal ground to throttle the internet and make more money out of it. The promises made by those directors are empty because once they get under pressure by shareholders to boost their profits by restricting internet usage, they will cave at some point. If they don’t, they’ll probably be paid off or replaced by more willing people.

This is really bad news for consumers because internet access will get more expensive because ISPs will not only charge them for internet connection but also for giving preferential treatment to those who will pay. But on the brighter side, judging by the sheer amount of Internet traffic that exists today, it will be decades before such a move is felt by us. I’m guessing they will mostly target high revenue markets like video on demand services and the like.


This is true. For instance, the FCC boss recently allowed ISPs to increase internet costs charged to businesses. That means, sooner or later, the consumers will have to face the same predicament.


The drumbeats are already sounding in Portugal. The net is being split into packages the way Multichoice Africa delivers their overpriced packages to us. This is pretty much it!
Pretty much it!