An Android (TV) box you can recommend [tip: not Safaricom Big Box]


Careful what you wish for.


well,they gotta make money if we gonna get free content over the internet.


Safaricom should explore a Youtube like platform like viusasa, I hope the music streaming yet to lunched should be a good start, the big box was a fail from the start and unless Faiba jolts Saf into cheaper or speed limited unlimited bundles I think it will still fail, they could launch it with unlimited youtube at 480p, I would buy that


Viusasa is quite compelling btw and their marketing strategy is on point as they are onboarding many users.But i agree safaricom need ready content for their platform once they launch,they need some very compelling content that will be exclusively available on their platform.Unlimited Youtube at any level is not happening for them that i can bet.Big box was an epic fail because they failed to understand the consumer.Safaricom home fibre is a success because they adopted the right strategy in its deployment and rollout.Faiba will have a hard time ahead if their coverage is not adequate and their offerings if they are not compelling.