An Android (TV) box you can recommend [tip: not Safaricom Big Box]


Who wants to watch local stuff even if it’s “on demand”? I personally wouldn’t watch most local anything even if they paid me to do it. This product will be still born in my expert opinion.


I do. I watch a lot of local stuff especially those in vernacular. I also got a showmax sub because of the African stuff.


Good for you. I think international content is a lot more entertaining than the home brewed variety so I’d rather watch that. It was a silly question, really, because the topic is totally subjective and depends on personal opinion. Anyways, if they charge anything for it, they better get content that is worth their ask.


This one is a first.


Has anybody used the Amazon fire stick? Please share your experience. I know it’s not stock android but it’s close enough since you can sideload apk’s and even use the play store for the technically inclined.


You’ll be surprised at how a minority you are. The mass market loves local content, and in vernacular. Ask Citizen, they didn’t decide out of thin air. The forwards that go around of local content are many. Plus they got all the marketing resource that Showmax doesn’t, TV and radio.


Are these still the best? I’ve gone to that site and there is quite a lot to choose from. What are the prices? Do they get their software updated? What’s the order process?


These Himedia devices are not the best(performance and hardware wise). Maybe when you are talking about price to performance they may be up there. If you have the money just get the shield.


anyone looking for an android tv experience,i recommend they get the nvidia shield device…its way better than most android tv’s out here.


I saw their advert and wondered what they really were upto. But now I somehow get it. However, they need, in my opinion, have a really big audience for the app to work as intended. Netflix works because of exclusive content and value of the content. They can get exclusive rights to shows that Kenyans actually like to watch like the Real househelps of kawangware, auntie boss etc and then perhaps we can pay for them. Any other unpopularised content can’t beat what Youtube and FB videos have to offer. It is a tough spot for them.


If you are looking for a cheap, quality way to add intelligence to your tv I highly recommend the Amazon fire stick. You can load kodi, spmc and all those streaming apps that are all the rage for streaming sports/movies/series etc. All legal mainstream streaming apps also available. You can also use usb otg to play files from usb (HEVC too) .

Not a bad deal at all.


Xiaomi MeCool 3. 2gb ram & 8gb internal. It’s great & it runs Android. There are also other boxes that have a terrestrial &/ satellite tuner too


This is straight from the box or jailbroken?


Straight from the box, you can install anything you want. Me thinks jailbreaking applies to iOS devices though if you meant rooting the current generation fire sticks do not have root available.


Aha! Thanks, I may get one quite soon. I used Remix mini in the recent past, but when it chewed I have not had a replacement. Thinking about all the options there are and what I’d miss if I took one over the other.


@sarunibm @martingicheru Please do a review of the new Safaricom Big Box.


There is a new Safaricom Big Box?


I saw it in today’s people daily. I’m not sure whether it’s new but it’s definitely not the original one you guys reviewed. The remote is very different. Looks like an Apple TV or Roku TV remote. It has an external antenna -I’m guessing for WiFi.


Yes I have a confirmation it’s in the shops. Let me dig further on the deets.


its about time safaricom made an android tv box,i hope the new version is one running a customized version of the android tv software and i think one of the best ways to launch it is to give the box for free to Safaricom FTTH customers.If the box can come with 4G LTE capability and like 20GBs of data plus affordable plans for renewal.and they explore ways to monetize it like ads on videos e.t.c. The potentials are endless,they could upend the paytv market and offer an audience to advertisers,content producers and marketers.