Amazon Prime Video versus Netflix versus Showmax


That is true… tried using a vpn just to see what is there and it is a lot compared to without it. Too bad I only got 500MB to use from the vpn.

The first image I took without using the VPN and the second was with the VPN. I hope i find a better unlimited VPN.


Guys kindly remember US Netflix has way more content than Netflix KE…like thousands.To access Netflix US,one needs a VPN like expressvpn(not free,8 dollar monthly subscription) to get access to all content on Netflix US without throttling or blocking.Otherwise just get a showmax subscription.


My exact reasons for cancelling it some months ago. Tried VPN, even Smart DNS, that’s just an extra expense, didn’t see it worthwhile.


I am using both Amazon Prime and Netflix on my computer. But for the first time I am looking about Showmax. Cool.


So here is a hack that gets you Showmax premium at Kshs 1k for a year.

If you are already signed up with Showmax, which you can do for free with the 14 days free trial, you get an option to pay via Mpesa among others like card and Paypal.

Mpesa option allows you to pay for one month at standard rates, or three months for Kshs 250, and a third option to pay for 6 months at Kshs 5280. Now knowing Kenyans and looking for deals, I thought this would be useful. If you pay for the 3 months at 250, nothing prevents you for paying for another three months, and another three months after that ad infinitum. That’s how you end up with a 1k a year Showmax subscription.


*Offer valid for a limited time.

You can only get away with this if the offer remains in place for the entire year. I am also certain they won’t let you enjoy the deal FOUR times in a year. (Don’t quote me :slight_smile:)


You realize that as long as your account shows the number of months you have prepaid for you’re good? It’s like having four Showmax vouchers, they just add to your duration of access.


can i get this with an existing showmax account?


Yes, I did too.


As much as I hate the Monochoice family, got the 1yr for a K.


Is the offer still there?


Yes it is.


Getting it tomorrow. Thanks.


Please guide me on how to make the purchase?


I did here


Seen thanks.

Is it full premium despite being an offer?


Yes it is.


Hehehehehehe! Unbelievable. Thanks for the hint, tempted to subscribe til 2022.


2022?haha do it


thats dope man