Amazon Drops Shipping Charges to Kenya? $22-$30


So apparently Amazon has dropped shipping charges to Kenya. Large items such as laptops now cost on average $30.00 to import.

Someone please explain to us what is meant by
Estimated Import Fees Deposit Tujue kama tutapandisha bidhaa KQ ama hapana.

Amazon terms indicate that

The Import Fees Deposit is an estimation of the taxes and duties that may apply and isn’t an actual calculation

You won’t be charged additional fees if the actual Import Fees exceed the Import Fees Deposit we estimated. For items sold by Amazon Marketplace sellers, please check the seller’s policies

So there’s a catch. How do you identify that an item is sold by marketplace sellers and not Amazon and vice-versa?


Been salivating at some astronomy binoculars at Amazon. Shipping is almost same price as the item. Shipping price has not changed.

Hope flight KQA002 will result in lower shipping fees.


Ooops! I’m not sure why that one shipping is so high. $53 for an item that costs $102. May be it’s not that much of a popular product so subsidizing it ni kazi ngumu.


Just check the shipping price of some of these random items


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