Aliexpress Brings Mpesa Payments, thoughts?


Some people would be excited about this, some won’t. What makes it a big or small deal that Aliexpress now accepts Mpesa?

This comment has made me wonder whether adding Mpesa payments makes it a big deal or it’s just business as usual with or without it. Is there someone who has used Aliexpress?


I used it today and paid for some items with Mpesa. However, there were issues with some orders and I was forced to used debit card. I called safaricom and they told me to contact AliExpress. I tried but I don’t like talking to robots :joy:. Lemme wait for the Mpost delivery nione tax nitalipa…


Big deal will be when we will have shipping costs reduced otherwise no big change


i think it simplifies payments for kenyans on Aliexpress…instead of the hassle of bank details and debit/credit cards…It opens up the market for aliexpress locally…


True. I load my prepaid KCB Pepea card via Mpesa thereafter shop with the card. The development cuts KCB out of the equation. As for shipping, there’s nothing much one can do about it. My experience with Aliexpress has been great save for an item that failed after sometime. Out of 55 transactions, one got lost. Most interesting was a package that was deemed lost but ended up being delivered 80+ days later after the seller had refunded i.


The problem here is you can’t benefit from the weighted tax approach that a lot of the shipping companies offer people. You may find that the tax they charge you is more than the product itself, like was the case for me with a smartphone case worth 700 that came with a tax of over 1k.


That’s the biggest issue with Aliexpress.


What happens to a parcel with an address such as “Nairobi” rather than a specific P.O Box address? The phone number is included.


So the last price i see on the checkout is not what i will pay when the item arrivess??


From China


If the phone number is registered with Mpost you’ll receive a notification if not too bad. No one will contact you.

At one time my Payoneer card was shipped without the POB code but the phone number was there. No one ever contacted me. Na ni si kitambo sana. Kitu 2017 December.


How did you get it? My phone number is registered with Mpost