Airtel vs Telkom internet data bundles


After kuhamia pahali Airtel network ni mbaya I am torn between using Platinum 1k or nihamie Telkom but I don’t want to change my phone numbers.


Don’t put too much faith on Telkom either.


Interesting that after I told you this you needed an advert to paint it clearly for you.


To be fair i didn’t know the call time was across all networks lol


you just have the other line for data nothing else, thats what i do with my telkom line


Do the allocated resources rollover to the next month if they are not exhausted within the 30 days ? If yes i might port my number to Telkom if that service still exists.


Is there a telco that sells you 30 day data and rolls it over if you don’t use it?


Since Airtel 4G is superb and if you’re interested in more data, they still have 3k unlimited


With Airtel Unliminet if you renew with the same package before expiry the resources accumulate.


Yes, when you renew the same bundle it rolls over.

I’ll update this post when I confirm whether it’s limited to the specific bundle or any monthly for monthly / any weekly for weekly.

[UPDATE] You can renew freedom bundles, not these other bundles. And renewing is with a bundle of the same size or larger within a particular wallet. Wallet in this case is either daily, weekly or monthly.


I have to ditch airtel by all means but i dont want to lose the number. Once my current package expires i will port my number to Telkom.


For me Telkom is my main line, it’s the one I use for data calls and texts. My safaricom line is for Mpesa only and since my phone is a single sim i put that Safcom sim on my smartwatch. I use the mySafaricom app on my phone for Mpesa which pushes the ussd to the smartwatch to input my Mpesa pin and life is easy this way