Airtel vs Telkom internet data bundles


I plan on purchasing either of the two exclusively for the monthly data plan. The prices are pretty much the same but i would like to know which one is more reliable I live in South B if that helps. I also have safaricom home internet so i pretty much be turning on my mobile data when i am out of the house. Kindly advise.


Also have home internet na pia kazi kona wifi. I use Airtel but I think Telkom will be better (used to use it kitambo when they were still Orange). Airtel when it works is fine and I don’t use 4g (don’t really see a point for me). Quite a number of times the net has issues and I have to switch aeroplane mode on and off for the net to come back vizuri (even in CBD). But if it’s just for WhatsApp and things like Instagram I think it’s fine.


I want 4G connections


I have been using Telkom for a while since Faiba4G screwed up reliability and I can’t complain. I get the 10GB for 1k and it works for me. I have Office and home fiber (Faiba and Zuku respectively).

Sometimes I tether mobile data when I can’t access Zuku/Faiba, and It’s been okay mostly.

One reason I stopped using Faiba4G was the indoor reception, Telkom 4G does it well for me.


I was interested in that 10gb for 1k


Safaricom has a similar offer. The good thing with Safaricom( apart from good speeds) is that they reserve any unused data.


But i only get 6gb for 1k from safaricom as opposed to 10gb from the other two


There is a weekly 10gb for 1k…


How can a weekly 10GB for 1k get compared with monthly 10GB for 1k?


Thought you guys were talking about the weekly one.


No, Telkom has a monthly 10GB for 1k, or alternative of 7GB +300 mins for the same 1k.


That is too expensive for me considering i have safaricom home internet and also impractical


You mean the bundle does not expire?


Buying another subscription unlocks the bundle balance from a previous subscription…


But this will force you to top up every week right?


So where is faiba 4g working because since I came back to Mombasa it has not worked for me, I am planning to look for my Airtel and Telkom lines, but meanwhile I bought the safcom 10gb for a week, it’s not slot for me since I don’t have FTTH, and I know saf will not screw me up on reliability.


Faiba4G has turned out to be a disappointment… there’s no connection ukiingia kwa nyumba pap


It’s good if you don’t have a fibre connection and safaricom is your only option.


I’m on Airtel’s 10gb for 1k monthly, most of the time it serves me right except occassions when the net just disappears as @Makongo_Kiugu described


I just saw a telkom advert today. 7GB plus 300 minutes of call time to all networks for 999. That sounds like a great deal to me