Airtel & Telkom reportedly talking to form a merger


Their 4G boosters are now showing on OpenSignal app and they’re at different locations from Telkom boosters. I no longer think they’re roaming but there must be a reason for the confusion in WhatsApp. Maybe what you said.


There was a time their network would direct me to the TRAI website when trying to access some websites.


your roaming issue is kinda similar to what ive been experiencing on my kabambe, airtel signal goes down then the airtel sim connects to Telkom for a while before going back to Airtel


Wow… Then definitely, something is going on


Was just thinking, could this be the reason why they haven’t officially launched 4G yet


I think so in this line


In other news the much anticipated Airtel/Telcom merger hit a snag


That’s not a snag. Airtel pulled the cord on that deal.


I don’t think Telkom selling off its towers is a good enough reason. Didn’t Airtel sell its own? That’s actually the trend and a good one(unless you are Safaricom where owning the towers gives you a huge advantage over the competition).


Maybe Airtel found a better suiter to work with or sell to


Or they were told they would have to put in more money. Airtel just wants to exit the market.


That lover you keep telling please hold on and let’s try to work things out but it’s evident they’re tired of you.