Airtel & Telkom reportedly talking to form a merger


Their 4G boosters are now showing on OpenSignal app and they’re at different locations from Telkom boosters. I no longer think they’re roaming but there must be a reason for the confusion in WhatsApp. Maybe what you said.


There was a time their network would direct me to the TRAI website when trying to access some websites.


your roaming issue is kinda similar to what ive been experiencing on my kabambe, airtel signal goes down then the airtel sim connects to Telkom for a while before going back to Airtel


Wow… Then definitely, something is going on


Was just thinking, could this be the reason why they haven’t officially launched 4G yet


I think so in this line


In other news the much anticipated Airtel/Telcom merger hit a snag


That’s not a snag. Airtel pulled the cord on that deal.


I don’t think Telkom selling off its towers is a good enough reason. Didn’t Airtel sell its own? That’s actually the trend and a good one(unless you are Safaricom where owning the towers gives you a huge advantage over the competition).


Maybe Airtel found a better suiter to work with or sell to


Or they were told they would have to put in more money. Airtel just wants to exit the market.


That lover you keep telling please hold on and let’s try to work things out but it’s evident they’re tired of you.


Well, look at this…guess i was wrong…


Just when I was planning to jump to Telkom i.e port my Airtel number.Airtel are the worst in serving customers.If this does happen Safaricom with in the end benefit after frustrated customers walk out of Airkom.


Telkom aren’t that much better. In the past three months, I’ve been overcharged (100k on a bill of 6k) and had a different line disconnected. The hiked bill was sorted by somebody I know and I will acknowledge customer care helped me to resolve the cut line.

At least Telkom answer the calls unlike Airtel.


On the same note, the talk of a merger lacks a lot of information.

According to the same source from Reuters (see below), Telkom secured funding for network expansion in Kenya.

In that same period of time, Bharti is still losing ground to Jio in India and sold a stake in its loss making Airtel Africa division.

I would love to be proven wrong but at this point in time, this story doesn’t add up.


This is what the Telkom CEO said…from BD

“It is common practice within the ICT industry to conduct exploratory conversations; to assess the market for areas of synergy, co-operation and partnership, with the intent of giving customers greater value and superior experience,” he said in an emailed response.


Also from the same article:

On Monday, the Authority said it was yet to be notified of the proposed transaction.

“Parties are allowed to hold talks on possible mergers and acquisitions, but are required by the Competition Act to notify the Authority if the transaction meets the thresholds as provided for in the Merger Threshold Guidelines before implementation of a merger,” said the CAK.

So a non-committal response.

Telkom are the one’s with the resources and the strategy. Shouldn’t they be the ones looking to merge with Airtel. Not the other way around :thinking:


I don’t think this is happening. If it does, I’ll be sad if they go the Airtel way instead of the Telkom way. Currently I think Telkom Kenya is the better company to take to the future.


Or they might just partner in some areas… A full merger/ takeover is possible. I think the government and Helios might want to exit…