Airtel & Telkom reportedly talking to form a merger


A while ago I had network issues then my Airtel line briefly connected to the Telkom Kenya network. I thought it was something j had taken for lunch that was making me see things hehehe

Then this morning I came across this article saying that Telkom and Airtel are working on a merger. Reading deep into the article some reports are that the deal has already gone through n it’s just a matter of time before it’s put into effect
Would be interesting to find out how this works out


Could it be what Airtel is advertising of late? That something great is coming soon? It will be interesting to see whose name crowns the merger. Personally, I would like to see Telkom take the name. I hate them yes, but Telkom’s name is more localized than Airtel’s.


Maybe Airtel-Telkom, or Telkom-Airtel , or AirKom :smiley:, definitely not Teltel :joy:
The infrastructure part is where it would be interesting to see how they work it out


The deal could see Telkom Kenya swallow Airtel, the Indian owned telco, which is the most bleeding of the two, after nearly all its strategies failed to lift it from the loss making territory.

Naona itabaki Telkom. Airtel pia walishindwa ku take advantage ya NRM.


If so I hope Telkom won’t mess up the user network experience, ii network yao maze ina ma issue., like even pinging to Mombasa hits over 200ms


definitely TelTel :joy::joy::joy:
Two sinking ships helping each other stay afloat… No comment though, lets wait and see.


Their main challenge on this is infrastructure limitations. So the merger could be a good thing on that front.


Wow i am eager to see wat the two telcos are cooking am a diehard Airtel guy


Telkom is not a sinking ship, numbers are small yes, but revenue versus spend is much better than Airtel.

What I’m curious about is whether the brands remain or go like in the case yuMobile acquisition.


Brands might remain. This could be a strategy to share network infrastructure. Sort of local roaming but at no extra charge.


:joy::joy: Soon it might be… It may be making a profit now but not for long… Soon it will run out of money to blow on offers and customers still holding onto it will realize how much they have been played with such shitty network. I think Telkom is shooting itself on the foot, asking people to join it’s network when its doing almost nothing to ensure quality service… Even in places their network signal can be received.


Could it be what Airtel is advertising of late? That something great is coming soon?

In that Advert they are displaying their official color and Safaricom’s green color probably denoting mobile money interoperability between them and safaricom


I think you’ve got it right.


“A source at CA told Reuters news agency the two firms have been engaging officials over the plan to share outlets and infrastructure like transmission assets, before Telkom acquires Airtel Kenya at an unspecified time. “They are yet to make a formal application (to the telecoms regulator) disclosing all the details,” the source told Reuters.”
Seems like Airtel’s started packing


Sharing shops, base stations and probably mobile money agents. That seems like a good move to start with.


If only Telkom would list at the NSE, it would suddenly become more Kenyan.


You might actually be right!


I would love that too,Telkom need to list part of their shares on the NSE just like safaricom,its IPO might just help them with better corporate governance and endear them with the kenyan public,I support the merger between Telkom and Airtel,we need a bigger competitor to compete with safaricom,sure there is a threat of having a big duopoly but with new entrants like JTL’s Faiba and others who are waiting in the wings for license approvals the market is big enough for many players to carve out their niche and make money.


I’m pretty sure my Airtel 4G is always on Roaming. I tried to backup my WhatsApp chats and it always fails because it claims that I’m Roaming. I just set my phone to 3G only and Voila!! The backup succeeded!


Unless they are using someone else’s network, I don’t see why WhatsApp thinks you are roaming. Or their 4G network is on a different “broadcast name”.