Airtel Kenya possible Exit


I don’t see this happening and I don’t vouch for it. Instead if Viettel is still interested in entering the Kenyan market I would suppport it.

It is still not clear how Viettel lost in the Orange Kenya buyout bid.

When Helios has invested 5 billion bob in network expansion, Viettel went ahead to buy Hallotel Tanzania and splashed 60 billion Kenyan bob in network expansion.

Airtel needs such an investor that is serious about taking the bull by its horns and not just focusing on the tail like the way Telkom is doing.


I’d support this. JTL takes over Airtel and suddenly has 6 million subscribers and the 3G spectrum. It quickly migrates everyone onto 4G Data (1 year or so) while still keeping the 3G holdouts. Rumours of Singh (Ruto) hand behind this whole JTL thing could mean the court cases go away and CA stops playing favourites with Safcon.

I wouldn’t support Telkom because of the so-so job they’ve done with their rebrand. It’s not enough. Let’s give someone else a try even if it’s Vittel but it needs to be someone willing to invest significantly in infrastructure to break this monopoly. Untapped markets are worth billions in the long run. Some $500M would greatly solve connectivity issues.


It’s not a rumour. Arap Mashamba has been part of JTL for long. Apart from him there is also the Late Biwott and Moi.

If you remember a few year’s back, Ruto was very vocal and against the share pricing of Safaricom claiming that the government at that time had divided each share 10 times to make a share that was worth 50bob to go for 5bob.

Amos Kimunya’s response to Ruto and Raila at that time was epic. “The stock market is not a fish market.”

With the elite class of Kales, those guys have a close affiliation. For instance, Joshua Chepkwony the JTL boss publicly mentioned that it was Biwott who helped and influenced him and other young Kales to venture into business during Biwott’s funeral.

Funny enough Joshua is a close friend to the CS ICT. So I think JTL entering into agreement with Airtel will be a killer for Safaricom and Telkom. Imagine the bundle pricing coming over to 3G. Keep in mind, Airtel has a trial license on 4G spectrums that won’t require customers to switch phones or routers.

That will be interesting to see the influence of Arap Mashamba on JTL cases. Besides, the guy is into establishing his own dynasty. If you notice, during the Kenya Post and Telecommunications era, the big fish were Moi and Biwott.

After Moi’s Presidency, Safaricom became popular with President Kibaki being rumoured to be part of Mobitelea Ventures. Now, Ruto also has to get a pie of the Telco space and JTL it is. With Airtel, he is going to laugh all the way to the bank.

I support such a move.