Airtel Kenya 4G


Is it only me that is experiencing poor network and slow speeds with Airtel of late


Experienced that for several years…
Till I said enough was enough…!


On 4G it’s been smooth, maybe during rush hour sometimes but generally it’s smooth
One thing that I can say av noticed during these couple of months av been on Airtel 4G is that there’s a HUGE difference between Airtel 3G and 4G in terms of user experience., their 4G is just great


So today I was around Galleria and I decided to buy an Airtel line since my pre-4G has already been closed.

Speeds around Galleria were amazing …

Along Magadi road [commute with slight traffic] the speeds were also decent …

Rongai is where things started to fall apart … See below …

At home the network pales in comparison to Galleria. Yes I admit that our area is hilly and we are close to the base …but when I see 3 :signal_strength: of 4G then I expect fast speeds like the ones I saw around the mall area. In fact some tests refused to complete resulting to “network communication issues” …

Is it that there are many users in the area that the base station is being overwhelmed or is it the base stations are not up to scratch? Something interesting is that on Safaricom I get 2 :signal_strength: of 4G while Airtel gives me 3.
Safaricom speed test at home see below …

This is simply why some people(like me) will become frustrated and just use Safaricom …it’s more reliable and for now faster …

NO I will not buy a dual sim card device or even if I have one use it with 2 sim cards …the battery drain is :face_vomiting:


At night is when the speeds have started to improve …

I guess it is what “it is” as they have half pricing for almost all monthly offerings vs Safaricom


A definite welcome surprise…
With issues and complaints around #Faiba4G, #airtel-kenya’s 4G coverage and speeds around Ongata Rongai seem very promising.

I get 2 - 3 bars of :signal_strength: and even with low speeds (During Peak hours -> evenings and around noon) the network is still responsive(pings never exceed 30 ms) …

I’m even considering it over #safaricom with bundle size/pricing being more sensible and it’s reliability improving…

With the current 10 GB Giga bundle I purchase every week I can save 1,000/= for 10 more Gigs …Really nice :clap::hugs:


I stay in Rongai too and use the unlimited 3.5k. Speeds are good btw though during rush hour like between 7-10pm mostly u’ll notice a dip in speeds. Sometimes even during the day the net can go down tu like wth nothing is downloading or uploading and it can last for like a minute or 2. But overall it’s a good bet especially coz it’s 4G and ever since we started seeing complains on Safaricom Fibre speeds we decided to just stick to the Airtel unlimited for home internet coz its a good deal


Is this the 12 month contract deal? I’m just looking for something to hold out until Fibre reaches our home(couple of months I hope …)

Do you have any logs/metrics that can show the diff in performance( ping, speed(Upload, Download) etc) over periods of time between the two?


Yes it is
Then maybe you’re better off using the Safaricom Easy Bundles that apparently are unlimited too

At the moment I don’t have any logs, only a few speed tests for last year., but give me a week from today next Sato will post a log of how the speeds have been from today


:+1: waiting for feedback next Saturday. …


These have been the speeds this week in different times of the day. At some point the router needed charging and I had been putting the SIM on my phone and tethered to other devices

Well Airtel is just Airtel, speeds are inconsistent., but if you find a way to work around it like if you wanna download torrents you do that overnight, the package will work for you. But they still need to do better


The responsiveness{pings} in Rongai blows out #telkom 4G.