Airtel Kenya 4G


Not too shabby. But the upload is not motivating.
Location: Kasarani


Yeah. Upload speed for Airtel 4G doesn’t come close to download speed. In fact the difference is a big let down.


Okay… No more speed tests on Artel 4G. The speed is fairly consistent at home but it is nothing to write home about. Nothing is going to come close to Safcom 4G so if you’re looking for superior performance, look nowhere else. Here’s yet another test on Airtel 4G.

One thing that’s bugging me about Airtel’s 4G is that my WhatsApp is unable to back up my chats. It always says that I’m Roaming.


Aaah, nice to see another Meteor user. :blush:


Went for a SIM swap at Koinange street. Didn’t go through first attempt. Filled forms, my photo and ID were taken and told to wit for 2 hours . Well, 2 days later, still waiting for the SIM activation. Called Customer care and they are telling me to visit Airtel Shop once more. I politely asked if they need my fingerprints because i had provided copy of my ID and photo. Anyway, won’t bother anymore with Airtel. Let me stick to Safaricom, Faiba, Telkom 4G and Zuku FTTH.


Swapped mine only with an ID at moi avn




My 4G swap finally went through, done a speed test, so far impressed.


See this offer data prices are going down due to competition


My Airtel 4G speed tests are not this impressive… I barely hit 14Mbps in CBD… Around 2Mbps in Kinoo


Airtel 4G in Limuru, somewhere close to St. Paul’s University:


Airtel 4G only exists in Nairobi. Monitored the signal all the way from Nairobi to Kapenguria.
Was surprised Nakuru and Eldoret not yet on 4G.


Pale Gatundu South, Kiamwangi area kuna Faiba 4G and a weekend ago while i was there Airtel 4G was active though it keeps switching to 3G.


Is the Airtel Postpaid still uncapped? (I posted in the wrong thread before)


I was happy yesterday that Airtel Unliminet 1000 is making the package more appealing for data users
After every call I would be prompted with call summary and a reminder that UnlimiNET will be as below.But leo everything has reverted to 6GB.

UnlimiNET 1000 Monthly (10GB+400Min+2000SMS)


Yes it’s uncapped


They had made it 10GB? Unliminet 1k?


You have been using it for how long?


Since late 2015


Thanks for the info