Airtel Kenya 4G


I was charged 100 bob at Koinange st. shop too, but no airtime :unamused:


A while ago I switched to my Airtel line with no bundles or airtime just to see if free twitter still works and i was redirected to this new site of theirs where you can buy bundles. At the bottom of the page there was this option for watching an ad and they give you free 15MB data. Thought it was a hoax but I nonetheless played the vid, an Airtel Tubonge ad, as i continued perusing the site.
After the ad had finished playing I scrolled back down n saw this text saying that ‘your bundle is on the way’ so i rushed to check my bundle balance and true to the word i was given a 15MB.
Got me wondering what more Airtel might be having up their sleeves, considering the page still looks like it’s under development


This is super… However, in Airtel’s tradition, Techweez Forums is turning to be their PR Agency. Airtel Kenya never talks about anything, we just have to wait for one of the forum members to discover something and alert us…


For sure. I’m also starting to feel that they’re taking a bit too long to announce their 4G. Maybe it’s just me being a bit impatient hehe, but I just wanna know how far it’s covered


I hope they have finally rolled it out. There is a screenshot I was with 4G Airtel but the person complained it had the same 3G speeds.


Got my Airtel 4g line some days back and i admit the network is poor hata 3g is better


On this other side of mowlem na huku kwa chief 3G i doors is bad


I can relate to this user. I stopped buying the 36GB for 3K and switched to JTL Faiba 4G which is waaay faster (upto 10x Airtel 3G speeds) and 1/3rd the price.


How can someone buy bundles worth 3K before testing the network for like one week? Kuna ninja ilinunua ile bundle ya 100GB telkom and two weeks to expiry the guy had like 95GB to go. ile machungu jamaa alikua nayo juu ya poor network.


Na vile leo nmeona Airtel 4G coverage iko hadi Umo Tena area, was at a pal’s place earlier on n kwake ni ndani ya flat kwanza vile these flats za eastlands jua ata hua haifiki kwa nyumba., the 4G was strong na speed ilikua sawa
But I’ve also noticed on 4G there’s a time especially rush hour the network quality is poor. Internet connection can sometimes not through at all especially between 7 and 11 pm


Haha huyo ninja :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


This should be a major focus area for ISPs. It’s an unavoidable stress point for cities. There is something called Liquid network (Alcatel-Lucent coined that) that makes the network and BTSes follow users where they are, whether home at night, in traffic during commute hours and at work during daytime.

This should be standard in 2018.


BTSs follow users how?


Since the last time I was whining about the unusable Airtel 4G at my house, it seems like Airtel has added a 4G booster closer to me than any other network. I’m getting fair to good signal strength inside my house which is surrounded by many tall trees. Just for anyone who is wondering, I am located past Ngong town near Tuskys Matasia. The landscape here has many rolling hills and lots of trees in residential areas which make signal attenuation a major problem. I am glad I can now use 4G at home without going out to hunt for signal. My battery is also thanking Airtel for this improvement. Here is my first speedtest with the newly discovered 4G. I did it at 1pm on Sunday.

I performed several other tests shortly after the 17 Mbps first test. The hosting servers I tested included: Airtel, Jamii Telecommunications, Telkom Kenya, and finally Airtel again. The speeds vary wildly but overall a usable internet connection. Browsing and downloading stuff is quite good. Ping times make it difficult to do any worthwhile online gaming though…

And FYI, the 17Mbps test chose a server hosted by Airtel Kenya. I’ll do a test during the night to see how well it works during off peak hours.


If u compare with Telkom n Faiba 4G how is Airtel 4G there?


Telkom 4G is not even available where I stay. Wonder what the Helio’s guys are doing :sleepy:


I have no doubt that Telkom 4G is worse than Airtel 4G but at least it is available. Telkom signal is very weak but it works at barely 3G speed. Usually I used to get around 1.5MBps during off peak hours but it ate my battery… A LOT!! Safaricom is dead to me and don’t ask why. As far as Faiba is concerned, I have no idea if it works here. I doubt it does but I can’t confirm that it’s unavailable.


But I’m impressed that Airtel 4G signal is better than Telkom there., seems they’re really putting focus on 4G coverage n it’s a good thing


Me too. Heard they borrowed a loan to expand network infrastructure. Hopefully, they’ll expand 4G coverage in Nairobi.


Yeah. Telkom was quick to set up 4G but Airtel is doing a better job as far as I can tell. Here are some speed tests done at 6 am today. Both tested servers hosted by Zuku.

First test conducted using Airtel 4G

Second test conducted using Telkom. This is the best speed Telkom can give me in my area.

Telkom signal strength is usually at -120dBm 20ASU
Airtel signal is at - 99dBm 41ASU

Both networks are usable but Telkom drains my battery really quickly and I get network communication issues frequently when doing stuff online. Airtel doesn’t give me any grief with network time outs and it seems to be playing well with my battery. My phone doesn’t even get warm when I stream videos but it gets very toasty with Telkom.