Airtel Kenya 4G



Some of these screenshots look… strange. Can’t put my finger on it yet. :blush:


ow the last two are camera pics, literal screenshots :smiley:, ignore the screen crack :joy:


Kwani what systems and equipment does safcom use that airtel, telkom can’t afford? they always seem to have issues even with so few customers, I have not tried airtel because currently even 2G is not available in my area


I always ask myself the same thing. There is always something to mess up the experience.


I know the answer to this one.

30 billion + Kenyan shillings. :blush:

According to Safaricom Annual report and financial statements 2017, the telco has 28 million customers translating to 71.9 percent market share. 25 percent are on 4G, 85 percent 3G, 95 percent 2G translating to 77 percent brand power score.

“To maintain an edge in our business, we invested Ksh 38 billion on improving network coverage, capacity and quality of our network. This included Ksh 2.5 billion to acquire 10Mhz of LTE spectrum and the record rollout of more than 500 new sites,” Sateesh Kamath, Chief Finance Officer.

In June this year, Telkom Kenya rebranded with sh 25 Billion investment network and infrastructure expansion as it launched its 4G/LTE network across 29 towns in Kenya.


In my other life, i worked as a Civil contractor for Safaricom/Zain/Telkom.
Airtel sites were not maintained, the BTS would go off and NMC wouldn’t bother. Genset would fail to kick in when mains went off, the Microwave dishes and antennas were not aligned and would sway when it was windy. You’d walk into an Airtel site without much protocol.
Safaricom, you had to get clearance before opening the gate. You either called/sent text to NMC after which you’d be given permission to proceed. They also didn’t encourage remote logging.
This was in 2008/2010. Maybe things have changed.


I remember them beefing with YU. Not sure who was blaming the other but the issue was about stolen batteries from BTS. I think YU claimed that Airtel failed to provide security to the BTS it had leased from them. This resulted to vandalism and theft of equipment from the BTSs


where are the rest? :laughing::laughing:


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This is what am getting at home along Saika Kangundo rd.


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Airtel 4G signal no longer available for my location


I think they’re still trying to get it right before launching officially.
When trying to upload a video on Twitter via their 4G it doesn’t upload but on Faiba 4G even with 2 bars in the house it does. This has happened to me twice now, last week and yesterday.
I just hope the network issues don’t persist even after launching

This is my speedtest


That could be the case


Not sure if this has been mentioned but Airtel are now selling their own 4G MiFi @ 5K.


I’d wanted to swap my old line for 4G. Unfortunately, I didn’t carry it with me. Getting to Koinange Street shop, the attendants insisted that I must present the old SIM card. I thanked them and quietly left. I didn’t want to get into an argument of what if I’d lost my phone.


I went to TRM and the attendant only handed me a blank simcard then instructed me to do a simswap. Whole process took 3 min. They insist there is no 4G inside TRM so you have to go outside.

I wasn’t charged for this process but there are shops like in Karen and SeaBD where some have reported being charged 100 bob or more for an ‘upgrade’


I was charged the other day pale Moi Avenue!


I was charged 100 at Koinange Shop, but was given 100 airtime with the SIM Swap.