Airtel Kenya 4G


Sorry for that.
Along Thika road & environs I can say I’ve experienced zero speed struggles with my airtel 4G. Its full bars & on lower speeds its at 3-7mps


Update on this., am seeing Airtel LTE signal is stronger, am now getting 3 bars inside the house kwa flat, was previously getting none


Will test this in 2 hours time kama signal imefika timbuktu


hehe Timbuktu., wel nimefanya speedtest on the 4G, so far so good


Not bad


Which app is this u using for speed test


Speedtest by Ookla

Android -

iOS -

Web -


So after seeing a post from another forum my bro just informed me that there’s a free 2GB Airtel 4G bundle when you get the line. I tried the procedure star544star6#" and it worked., seems it’s valid for a week


Timbuktu just confirmed hakuna 4G


free 2GB for 4G for a whole week.That’s a deal right there.


Got a good signal indoors (4bars) n hit 53mbps , this 4G of theirs is actually something., hope they maintain watu wakianza kujaa


Its too little bana


Thats the main animal. People boycotted and have been complaining quite a bit about bad quality in many places.


The offer is for anyone who upgrades their SIM card to a 4G one. I got the 2 gigs free data but I haven’t finished it 5 days later. I’m using it on 3G because we don’t have Airtel 4G service in my area.


This looks like faster than any speed test I have ever done with my Telkom line. I hope speeds remain decent once Airtel puts up more 4G boosters. Currently their 4G coverage is very poor.


No 4G in our area too​:persevere::sleepy:



After refreshing my line everything (4G) works perfectly full bars indoors so far. Never been impressed by Bharti


speedtest ikam :raised_hands::raised_hands:


Maintain my money Airtel and take more :blush::blush::blush:


So in the past hour or so been having issues with my Airtel, 4G signal went down completely., my bro’s airtel line kept struggling to connect between 3G n 2G. Raised the issue with airtel n as usual they gave me the "reinstall internet settings and restart line"
Am wondering if this is a sign of things to come, coz the 2G n 3G networks started becoming shaky immediately the 4G signal went down