Airtel Kenya 4G


So I was at Airtel Kenya Koinange street shop earlier on buying a kabambe and while chitchatting with the attendant I asked her when their 4G will be launching. Her response was that the already there n the SIM cards too, just that they haven’t launched it officially. I had to ask her to clarify on the SIM cards part since we’ve already been seeing Airtel 4G on network searches and there was even a guy here on the forums who previously was seeking a SIM card at the same shop only to later realize it wasn’t a 4G SIM.
The lady insisted that they have 4G SIMs, n so i went ahead and did a SIM swap.
Bang! Airtel LTE :raised_hands::raised_hands:
I did the attached speedtest…
Signal sttength in the CBD is superb btw, am posting while at the Railways bus sttion n am having full 5 bars
This one done at Railways

Airtel 4G LTE Bands

This is great, only problem is that someone else might go to the same shop and they are told that there are no such SIM cards.


mashAllah… this is great news!!! Sim Swap ASAP!!


@iamtembo just saw this images on twitter and came here straight! IMG_20180124_132509


True btw, it’s worth a try though :grinning:

was excited getting the SIM hehehe
Their 4G coverage isn’t extensive though, last place I got full 5 network bars during my commute to Rongai was around Wilson airport. Signal started getting bad from there and even at times I wasn’t getting any signal at all, until Multimedia University where I again got a signal all the way to Barclays Rongai. No signal from there going forward.
I have to go to the balcony to get the Airtel 4G signal at my place :grinning:


Actually, today I stumbled on their sales guys in the field in our area and they asked me if I have picked up a 4G signal and I was quick to shun them off. Well, they were offering to swap my simcard but I did not bother :neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face:

I guess I’ll go back tomorrow where I found them and swap the simcard :grin::grin::grin:


Guys Telkom 4G na Airtel 4G wanaambatana namna hii…!!!

Can’t pick signal from as high as 40 meters from the ground. Here in Timbuktu.


hehehe, Timbuktu ya Kenya iko wapi :smiley:. But for real the Airtel 4G signal isn’t good away from the CBD, ata Rongai ni bahati kupata have to be outdoors and even then am getting like 2-1-0 bars. Some places in Rongai Airtel 4G haishiki kabisa


Hapa Kariobangi South :joy::joy::joy:


ATI nini!? :joy::joy::joy::joy: Aki wewe itabidi tukuchangie uhame K. South unaiharibia Jina sasa.


Mimi nakuambia huku tumekua marginalized kushinda watu wa Mwiki :joy::joy::joy:

But at least there is a shopping mall coming up. Just imagine, a shopping mall in Timbuktu. At least, banks zitakua Karibu sasa.


Finally Airtel pays Sh2.5bn licence fee for full 4G Internet rollout


All that’s left is for them to increase the 4G coverage


Good news to the Resist movement now we’ll resist without fear of the operator closing business


This is good news but so unfair to Airtel. Still Telkom and Faiba are yet to pay the $25 milli.


From the article,

Trial permit

Telkom Kenya, 40 percent controlled by the State, is still operating on a trial permit, which expired last September, but successfully sought for a six-month extension.

“Telkom Kenya is yet to pay the fees since it is still undertaking the trial until the end of March 2018,” the CA said.

Jamii Telecom, the newest entrant into mobile broadband space, is also operating on a 4G trial license which expires in June.

I saw early reports of Airtel 4G showing up on network searches. This was around the same time Telkom 4G showed up.

Maybe their 4G trial was less public than the other telcos. Maybe.


Airtel 4G speeds are quite bad. Even Opera Mini struggles to load pages! I don’t see any benefit in having their 4G line because the speed is easily beaten by Telkom and safcon 3G. Their coverage also leaves a lot to be desired. At home I can only use it outdoor. I browse along Ngong road all the way to Ngong and am quite disappointed since I got the line yesterday. Maybe it was a bad day for Airtel but I rather doubt that.


After testing the 4G further I can confirm that the coverage along Ngong road is terrible, cutting in and out every couple of kilometers up to town). Most of the time the signal was at -120 dBm (almost useless) or worse (my phone’s sensitivity maxes out at -135 dBm which it reached almost ten times between Ngong and town. I could only get a strong signal (-75 dBm) near Junction Mall and even there the speed at 10 AM on Saturday could barely reach 200 KBps. It seems like my anticipation for better service on Airtel 4G given its substantial delay to launch was pointless. This SIM card is going straight back to the useless electronics drawer.

Come to think of it, maybe I am just unlucky with my line. Does anyone have better service from Airtel 4G and around where was that? I could be persuaded to hang on a little longer but right now the pasture at Telkom is looking a lot greener.


When i got my line the signal and speeds were good from the CBD to Tmall roundabout, from there things started doing south. Their coverage is not extensive, so far, could even say they have less coverage than Telkom 4G. Am hoping they plan and work on increasing their coverage araka, bt then again being the Airtel that we all know hopes are dim


That’s definitely true. They need to up their game like yesterday because Telkom 4G has been gradually improving. At this point they risk losing customers to Telkom because their data is similarly priced.