Airtel 4G Coming Soon? Why? Telkom's Rush to Rebrand Despite not Being Ready


A good offer for low data users for me I would rather buy the 2GB for 250 bob twice, that’s 1GB more than the above offer, furthermore the 4 GB will only last me a week with very careful usage.


This coverage map is very incomplete. It must be months old. I have seen the Airtel 4G network all the way in Kikuyu and Ngong. Given how far south it has come compared to this map, I’m pretty sure it goes a lot further Eastwards as well.


I use Telkom and its latency has increased to almost unbearable levels since about a week before they ended 4G4Free. Download speeds hold quite well once they begin. Otherwise web page loading or using applications that constantly need to refresh itsy bitsy pieces of data suffer a lot from the high latency. I am considering jumping on Airtel 3G because of this unreliable Telkom 4G.


Spending 2K to get 16GB is a loss. Why not spend 3K for the ‘unlimited’ bundles which get throttled once you reach around 30 Gigs?


Had slow speeds on Airtel Jana but its now normal generally yesterday call quality was also not good but as of writing its back to normal


At least, I have some hope.


I have also had the same experience…I cant load videos on YouTube and I get speeds of up to 2Mbps most of the time.


Is the end almost near?


That took a while. The case started in 2015.

This is a big win for Airtel.


At least. Kumbe the guys were being marginalized.


I think its for the renewal of existing spectrum licenses(900Mhz and 1800Mhz), not for the 4G spectrum(800Mhz: 2x10Mhz). They still have to pay $25.0 million.


Actually, this is good because it is the YU Mobile purchase that took them to court. That means, they’ll now have a wider spectrum to offer 2G/3G services; hence, increasing quality of service.


Wider spectrum? Safaricom bought the spectrum.


Oops! My bad!


It doesn’t matter now at least as far as I’m concerned. Faiba 4G looks like a keeper if its data prices are to remain. Even if Airtel buys the 4G license, I probably won’t start using their data when Faiba is this much cheaper.

On another note… Resist?! Is that still a thing? Hawa watu waache jokes. Wanadai wako resist movement Kisha wanakuja kutafuta job alafu tukiwaambia economy iko mbaya wanajifanya hawajui ni kwa nini. Talk about burying your head in the sand. Yesterday I turned two of them away citing the bad economy cough psych!! cough and one actually told me that we were the ones making it bad for them. I don’t know how he figured that but it really doesn’t matter. As they play politics, let’s do business and we’ll see who used his energy wisely.


Let’s wait and see.


I have to admit i feel airtel has lost the battle locally,Safaricom is now on the residential product capturing marketshare,if Airtel want to compete on that front,they gotta get a stake in Wananchi online’s Zuku otherwise Safaricom are really cornering the entire data market.Personally i m only using my airtel line for their KopaCash product otherwise nothing else.Airtel needed to grow marketshare first aggressively especially on data but i think they have lost that battle


So just checked and found Airtel just revised their data prices.


So they were just holding out and needed a competitive push…


The speeds are getting worse though…