Airtel 4G Coming Soon? Why? Telkom's Rush to Rebrand Despite not Being Ready


Ati 4G coming soon while other normal telcos are on 4G LTE-A sijui plus…Some Telcos abroad like NTT DOCOMO,Verizon and SK Telecom are already doing 5G trials hoping to launch in late 2018/19…Boss,ni kunoma…Great forward thinking Talent has always been poached from Airtel Kenya for the longest time,the only talent Airtel poaches is spent talent that is seeking a golden parachute into its sunset years.


I wont be surprised if Airtel 4g will beat safaricom in speed just my thoughts these tests are meant to clear bushes so am patient na Airtel besides their 3g network is awesome i haven’t experienced any downtime worth a complaint


I dont think they should leave the market., maybe just find a strategic partner to help them work on their weaknesses like network coverage. They could even offload part of their shareholding to this investor/partner., like 70-30 or 60-40


Testing is one thing but when it comes to userbility that is when real problems emerge.

That is what happened with Telkom. They were suprised to find that their 4G is very scarce. After claiming the whole of Nairobi is covered only to realize later that only 20% of Nairobi is covered. Sad thing wall penetration of their 4G is weak too.

The best way would entail opening it up to a circle of like 100,000 - 1,000,000 customers that heavily use data for testing.


And the parent company is also losing some serious cash to its competitor, Reliance Jio (A 4G only provider - Just like the upcoming Faiba 4G)


The interesting thing about Airtel 4G is that it’s showing up in a lot more places than Telkom 4G. I hope they don’t get overwhelmed by users like Telkom did. Even after they stopped giving free data, Telkom’s 4G response times suck. It’s annoying to see these web page time-outs when doing casual browsing but downloading stuff almost hits 5MBps. What’s the benefit of a fast network if you have to load each web page twice because the first one times out? I am quite unsatisfied with Telkom’s performance thus far.


5MBps or 5Mbps??


How are you able to check?


5 MBps. That’s almost 40 Mbps. Download speed usually hits 30-38 Mbps but browsing is so annoying because of what I explained.


I try to manually find Telkom 4G if it cuts out when I’m up and about and funny enough, Airtel 4G usually shows up but no Telkom. This has happened to me about four times that I can remember. Airtel must have a lot more 4G sites than Telkom.

Come to think about it, it would be so cool to have a crowd-sourced coverage map of these 4G areas because the ones given by the telcos are usually misleading. Now I see why it’s important to contribute to such platforms as Open Signal.


Probably Open Signal?

From this map, I’m not sure whether to remain worried or just wait for Airtel 4G to launch. Eastlands seems empty

Airtel 4G

Telkom 4G

Safaricom 4G


None of them has majority by govt. State owned is far fetched.


I think it’s a coincidence that I find Airtel 4G when I can’t find Telkom 4G but I don’t think you should be worried. These are mostly testing sites. When they launch they should increase coverage.


Fingers crossed. About time Safaricom faced real competition.


Telkom Kenya is currently undergoing an upgrade of fiber networks to the Base stations. This will mean reduces latency and speeds to user.


Safaricon cannot get any realistic competition even if Airtel launches decent 4G. They have invested a lot more money in their network and they have tons of subscribers already. When Airtel launches their 4G a lot of Safariconned users will buy Airtel 4G lines and clog up the network which might eventually make them go back to their soul sucking bedfellow.


Why is latency so bad when speeds are very high?


Airtel is sweetening the pot as far as data is concerned. Now they are giving 3GB monthly bundle at 500 shillings. This is a whole 1.5GB more than what Telkom offers. Now I’ve joined the eagerly waiting for Airtel 4G club.


Curious… The terms and conditions must be read before purchasing this, incase of anything.

Anyone else experiencing tediously slow internet both Airtel & Telkom? This week has been terrible. I thought it was an outage or maybe over capacity because of resistance guys but if there’s a third reason please share.


Free calls on Airtel that is when the trouble started in my area. For Telkom after they re-branded from Orange, services went downhill. I guess their infrastructure was not ready to accommodate a huge number of customers.