Airtel 4G Coming Soon? Why? Telkom's Rush to Rebrand Despite not Being Ready


We’ll just have to wait until they officially launch 4G n start giving out 4G sim cards coz OpenSignal’s map already shows some Airtel 4G coverage around Nairobi


I noticed it does. May be their staff are using it at the moment.


Okay ladies and gentlemen I got me an Airtel line today (I am not resisting anything) and I must say I am impressed by the speeds on their 3G compared to crap Telkom 4G, websites loading acceptably fast, YouTube no buffers at 480p, generally good, I will have to ditch Telkom until they sort out their issues,or JTL takes over whichever comes first.
I don’t think I would mind not having Airtel 4G if the 3G speeds stay this good.


I also use Airtel as my main internet. I am able to even stream sports on certain days . It is however not always reliable. There are times when speeds can decline.


You guys are so lucky. In my area Airtel is barely usable. Wako sawa na Telkom sasa. Back to expensive Safaricom bundles. But I’m using easy bundles which translate to 116bob per GB. Until things change, I will have to stick around. Ile pesa imepotea trying to switch between networks. Bundles zina expire tu bila kutumika.


By the way how did you register for the easy bundles,


business certificate and business pin. Used my sister’s business to register.


About Airtel and what is really holding them back. Resisting Safaricom won’t just make them ready to roll out 4G just like that on a free license extension. Same applies for JTL.


A 4G license is 2B? Wow.


Something seems to be a miss then. Or someone at CAK is sabotaging these companies to give Safaricom an upper edge?

I remember Safaricom commercialized 4G before paying for the full license one year later (they paid for it this year if I’m not wrong). Telkom is yet to pay for their license but they have commercialized the 4G.

I believe Airtel and JTL wanakanyagiwa tu to give Safaricom and Telkom pace.

Read somewhere it’s 2.9B :persevere::persevere::persevere:


Faiba Telco cannot function at all without a 4G license, free or otherwise. That alone will be interesting to watch. Possible they will launch in the course of the month, as for Airtel it’s not easy to understand what holds them back if not bleeding money.


Safaricom tricked the government with the city CCTV tender. They put the 4G license in the contract therefore CAK had to grant the license.

Telkom on the other hand got clever during the sale to Helios. I don’t recall what card they pulled right now because I’m drunk as fuck. I’ll edit this once my wits come home from their temporary leave of absence.


It’s $ 25million for 2x10mhz…That’s on the 800mhz and also the 700mhz, which should be more expensive. For higher bands(like if they release the 2600) it might get cheaper.


This is abnormally high especially in country still developing its it infrastructure & wasn’t t JTL given a spectrum for Kshs.100000 or apart from paying for the spectrum there is is a license fee me though once you pay for the spectrum u good to go and only pays when the license expires


On trial basis. They are expected to pay for the full amount once or before they commercialize the service.


Could this be the reason?

45B Debt!!! Where will they get the 2.5B? Probably borrow again? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


its about time Airtel cut their losses and get out of the kenyan market asap…


Where will people boycott to?


Hahahhaa Great point,we got only three players in the market and two are state owned,Man…Airtel have a tough task ahead but this local telecom space has no competition right now,and the ISP market is also heading that way…local competitors are choosing high end residentials and enterprise markets to cut a niche while the lower end residential market is being gobbled up by telcos going forward.I think in the long run we are going to have duopolies in the ISP and telco segments if nothing changes which will make it easier for the govt to carry out censorship and surveillance.


:joy::joy::joy: Naona tukianza kurudi enzi za smoke signals for boycotters. Maisha ni ku adapt life msituni.

When Telcos spend billions in advertisements and forget to expand networks that is what happens.

Remember the time Rene Mezza made Collymore cry foul to the then CCK?

Mezza put up a pitbull fight on Safaricom but forgot network quality mattered the most.

Later Mezza was poached by Vodafone to head Vodacom TZ. Damn that guy was good when it comes to marketing.

But unfortunately, Airtel has been sh!t in streamlining it’s internet services.

Today ^Jamo told me that Airtel is launching 4G. But he is replying to other people with soon