Airtel 4G Coming Soon? Why? Telkom's Rush to Rebrand Despite not Being Ready


AS we wait for Airtel 4G to show up, guess what? 1GB for 100bob daily. Hit or Miss?


There is a reason, see here.

It is apparent that acquiring base stations is an expensive affair, and delayed roll out has been associated to lack of finances to support the service on a large scale.


You mean these days?


Agreed that it’s a hit. Showmax should jump on this. You can watch a movie with this, streaming on low.


This is a cool offer considering that Telkom is offering 400mb @50bob meaning 100bob gets you 200mb extra from Airtel.


Kuuliza tu hii 4G ya Airtel ime kwamia wapi?


Inangoja kuona vile elections zitaenda.


Vile naona hii hata Christmas itapita tu na hakuna 4G. Airtel is busy launching 3G devices :joy::joy::joy:


I stream sports via Airtel, doesn’t work on Tuesday or Wednesday but on Thursday I watch Europa league without an issue. A bit strange


Wondering whether the resist movement will get Airtel to move people to 4G. So far nothing indicates that Airtel is launching it this year.


So true. Launching 3G devices at this time means there is no 4G anywhere in sight. 2018 itawapata tu bado 3G.


For me Airtel 3G in kisumu hasnt been bad i use my Airtel line while the move and no downs i think Airtel just doesn’t want to launch half baked 4G like Telkom hopefully the resist movement and shift will speed things up


Probably because first they spoke about testing 4G with 40 4G sites, 20 in Nairobi and the rest spread out in Kisumu and Mombasa.

A few months later this number was bumped up to 80 4G sites, 40 in Nairobi and the rest in Kisumu and Mombasa.

They should take advantage of the situation. Today just saw Faiba 4G Extreme put up another update or rather an image of Mbogua jumping up or something of that sort. No word yet though. Airtel might be caught unaware.


You are really looking forward to the launch? Don’t get your hopes up too high. Faiba 4G Extreme might be a one big disappoint(hoping that’s not the case).


Yes I am. But I’m also looking forward to Airtel 4G though no hope in sight. By the way just learnt that Airtel Uganda launched 4G on September with a whooping 400 sites in Kampala alone.

What I’m expecting is to have the ability to switch between two networks on 4G. Safaricom shall always remain as a backup given that Telkom 4G is scarcely available. That means Safaricom still lacks a competitor in the 4G space.

So I’m hoping that either Faiba or Airtel one of them will get it right. That way, I will be at peace. as of now, we only have the bundle gobbler. I have tried as much to boycott but the inconsistencies on Telkom and slow connectivity on Airtel are making the boycott difficult.


the resist movement has given airtel momentum but they must be careful in how they handle all this attention…in all honesty,with the 1GB offering they should have launched 4G with it.Telkom and Safaricom are busy optimizing their networks and maximizing on marketshare.Considering Airtel Kenya’s Parent woes,i anticipate a sale of Airtel Kenya’s operations within the next 10years if they dont gain momentum in terms of stemming losses and growing subscriber revenues.


Guess what guys? Airtel just updated this a few seconds ago. @martingicheru and team. Kazi kwenyu.

I can see something like 4G


Nothing to see here.


Sasawa that might be a hint since the device seems to be 4G ready. But hawa watu wamekua wasiri kabisa :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:


I was also happy about it. It’s long overdue